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yasmin09 Aug 28, 2010

What you're saying makes plenty of sense. I can understand your take. Whenever I read a manga that is very heavy in content, it's nice to read something on a lighter tone as a balance otherwise it is too depressing. In that case I usually go for mangas that are fun, comedic, and light but that still have some kind of substance and depth. I suppose one of my main problems with the manga was that I did not like any of the characters. If I want to like a manga, I need to have at least one character I like.

I forgot to ask. Are you fan of cooking/baking? Even if you're not, did you try making the recipes in the back of the manga? I would highly recommend that. I enjoyed making the treats though I did not always succeed >.< But I still had fun attempting. I love love love cooking and baking so that is one of the main reasons I picked up Kitchen Princess. I love food and all things related ^^

yasmin09 Aug 25, 2010

Thanks for the commenting on my review. I like hearing people's opinions whether they agree with mine or not. I do have a few questions though. What exactly do you mean? What about the manga did you enjoy? I simply was not a fan of the lack of character development, lack of personality and depth, the way drama was solved so easily and quickly, and how predictable and cliche everything was. I could see what was going to happen a while away which I do not consider a good thing. I want to be surprised and compelled to read furthur. What's the point of reading something when you know exactly what is going to occur? Well, at least that's my theory. I'm not trying to bash you or anything. I really am curious about your take on Kitchen Princess. I understand we all have differing opinions and that's okay. I like seeing and understanding other people's perspectives.

By the way welcome to AP! If you want to ask me anything, go right ahead and feel free to add me ^^

Klitch Aug 25, 2010

Thanks for your comment and it's alright that you disagree. All art is subjective and I definitely consider anime as a form of art. Honestly I think 07-Ghost could have worked fairly well in a 12 episode format, but at 25 episodes the anime got too repetitive and slowed down to a crawl. The fact that there is more action in the last 3 or 4 episodes than in the previous 20+ made everything too disjointed for me.

And while there may not technically be any yaoi element, the overtones accompanying characters like the small pink-haired guy who spent the majority of the anime snuggled up asleep in another guy's arms struck too close to the mark for my tastes.

lintphishx Aug 16, 2010

Cool, thanks for commenting on the review.  Welcome to Anime-Planet!  We hope you enjoy your stay... if you'll notice to your left and right there are no emergency exits.  In the event of a crash no oxygen masks or flotation devices will fall frome the over head compartments.  But you might be able to has a cookie if they aren't all eated.