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Excel Saga

Oct 3, 2014

Watched on Netflix and DVD Release


Ah! Excel Saga, It should be called "Excessive Saga" or "Exageratted Saga" or as many people call it "Wtf Is Going On Saga" based off the manga series of the same name this was adapted into an anime in the year 1999. A lot of crazy things were going on in '99, Prince was throwing one hell of a party, 345 prisoners escpaed a prison in Brazil by walking out through the front door, and the world was coming to an end. I guess Koshi Rikdo, the creator of Excel Saga and Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of the anime. Decided in their minds one day and just said "Fuck it why not". Why not have a dog shooting a gatling gun why not have a mexican immigrant die and have an affair with the universe. Just WHY THE FUCK NOT? That's what this show is all about, the amount of randomness Rikdo and Nabeshin can get just stuff into each episode and here's ya boy Wiru-sans take on it!  



Ha! What Story?

But in all seriousness Excel-

 "Story"that's cute

"Seriousness" is a word that doesn't have a place when you're dealing with Excel Saga. Plenty of surreal comedy a butt-load of parodies and references and physcial comedy. Put that together  and you have Excel Saga. Every episode they make fun of a new genre, they have the creator of Excel Saga at the begining of each episode give his "permission" to make the episode into whatever they want: 



Sci-fi anime

B-rate action flick

Chessy Shoujo

Even when they have this general theme, they always go off the wall. This show actually does have a general plot though. Our heroine Excel Excel, (from what she tells us that's her full name). The show starts off with Excel graduating school and running with joy for her new job at this  company called ACROSS. So happy in fact she runs right into the street and gets hit by a truck and dies. Then we are greeted with this


She is then brought back into the fray known as life by the Great Will of the Macrocosm just what/who is that you ask?

The fucking universe with arms


She's like God, she restarts the show or brings characters back from the dead whenever they get off track I don't quite know what track this show is on but she brings Excel back multiple times. They actually aplogized in the second episode for the confusing events that took place, and explained briefly what the shows "plot" is, after they did this they fucking tossed it out the window and went back to normal


I don't know if you'd call this normal, but they went back to it

 The plot goes like this, Excel works for a secret organzation called ACROSS who wants to take over the city. As the show puts it "This anime is the stupified saga of the trials and tribulations of Excel and her leader Il Palazzao as they try to take over the entire city." Now thats the main goal but they usually just do whatever they want and it turns out funny. She is actually tasked with killing the creator of Excel Saga in the first episode.




Towards the end of the show the plot actually comes together a bit to form something cohesive. Most of the time it's just random comedy but they actually bring some things together in the end. The show would've been fine if it was just random comedy the whole way through but the fact they actually wrap some things while keeping it funny bring the score up for this anime

Story: 6.5


It's surprising how well this anime looks even though it was made in '99. There's some quality animation to be found here. Although a lot of the animation is over the top. 

Excel's usually all over the place moving very quickly, but when they do a parody or a scene when they aren't being crazy it's nice and crisp 

"In the name of the moon ima need you to gtfo 

although sometimes the background animation is just bad and it's something they point out and exploit 


 that dude is just flipping everyone off, and who hangs in front of a store like that?



The animation might be sporadic at times but when you're keeping up with a show this sporadic anyway it's ok. The animation is never an eyesore whenver it's bad they use it as a joke. The backgrounds look nice nothing outstanding but they look good.

Animation: 7


 Sound in this anime is quirky and catchy. The op basically gets you ready for the type of show you're going to be watching and it's not half bad. They even have a rip off of House of the Rising Sun that plays everytime Pedro's on scene. The themes stick  so when you hear one you know what gag they're setting up. There's also the ending theme which is just kinda sad but funny at the same time. 

Mechi sings in her dog language, and we have  nice little human translations for us to let us know what she's saying. The sound is good and it isn't utterly forgettable, but at the same time it's not something i'd go downloading or buying the OST.

The voices for both the Sub and Dub are good it's amazing how the english voice actressess were able to keep up with the mouthflaps and stay spot on with the japanese dub. I prefer the dub but you're good either way

Sound: 7


 Excel Saga has a wide cast of characters some appearing more than the other but all of them get enough time they don't feel left out. Originally I watched the Dub but I went through it  and watch the sub.



  Named after a hotel she's the main girl of the sereis and has a serious ADHD problem. There are times when she's talking so fast you can't even understand what she's saying. Her role was so taxing that the English voice for Excel stepped down from it. They got a different voice actress to finish it out and even then it's still good. I didn't even notice until I read the credits. She's a loveable idiot and  she's always enjoyable to watch. You either like her or think she's annoying there's no in between. Either way she should work as an auctioneer

This also exists, and I approve


 Also named after a hotel, she is the titular nice girl. and assists in helping Excel and Ilpalazzo take over the city. She just has one tiny problem


She dies a lot

and it's not like from accidents or people harming her. She just drops dead every now and then, and they never really explain why. Maybe it's because she's an alien and needs to adapt to Earth's atmoshpere? Sense doesn't really come into play with this show

 I guess she's like a Rouge except she doesn't gain anything


Lord Il palazzo

 HAIL IL PALAZZO! You'll be hearing that a lot watching this show. He's the leader of ACROSS and is convinced that "the world is corrupt!" not much is known about him. Who he is or how he came to power we just know that he's Il Palazzo and he isn't your ordinary human being. It's a reoccuring gag when he sends Excel & Hyatt on missons he's left just sitting there with nothing to do. We see him playing dating sims, learning to play guitar, playing with dominoes and a bunch of other shit. It's funny seeing this tough guy  playing a freaking galge

Move over Obama 


The hispanic immigrant worker.He came to Japan to support his family, He has a sexy wife and a nice son. Everything a man can want Pedro has. Then he dies in a workplace fire because Excel is a dumbass


 Good thing we have the Great Will of the Macrocosom to bring him back to life right? Well that would be cool and all the only problem is she doesn't. Instead she has an affair with him


 I don't exactly know why he isn't alive or why the Great Will doesn't bring him back but he's like a ghost and only a few people can see him. His family? Oh his sexy wife moved on to one of his coworkers Gomez and basically forgot all about him.  

his screams can be heard throughout the world. Nobody acknowledges it though 



  It's cute old Menchi. Excel and Hyatt's emrgency food supply. 

 Peta probably hates this

That's right, Menchi isn't their pet she is theback up food. They are actually serious about it too, she's kind of like Pedro. Nothing ever goes her way she's constantly trying to escape from Excel and Hyatt and always goes on some type of adventure.  Menchi actually means something close to mincemeat in japanese 

Need to gtfo out of there quick Menchi

There's a bunch of characters that are all fun to watch an each have their own problems that all get pretty much solved. You have this boss man with a cool mustache

And a loli pedo scientist guy!



Each character is distinctive and although some of them are common tropes we see in anime they each have something that makes them stand out and be something of their own

Characters: 7.5


This show is crazy, but it's not insane. Hermano being insane would mean they fucking do the same thing over and over again expecting something different! They're always crazy but they never make it monotonus. It's a nice funny ride that leaves you satisfied. The humor in Excel Saga is not for everyone and if you aren't a big fan of slapstick or physical and surreal comedy you porbably won't find this show funny, however you can look and see the show has some quality production to it. 

Score: 7

Rating: Fresh

 Something that’s fresh is a good fun time. Sure it could’ve been better but ultimately it’s something you don’t regret experiencing 

Reccomendation: Watch it! and if you are a fan Buy it!

 As always that's your boy wiru-san's take on it. Follow me on my Tumblr and check out my channel on Youtube. And Remember to stay the hell away from woodchippers.

6.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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