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Ah, 5cm Per Second, the speed at which my teardrops fall. Was it good? Is it Overated? WILL YOU FEEL? Well here's Wiru-sans take on it to answer those questions! Lets get started but first let me grab something....

Handy dandy tear sponges


 When I see something that I really want to watch I put it on my watch list and I avoid seeing any and everything about it so I go into the movie completely blind. I don't watch the trailers, AMV's, or look up plot details. I go into the movie knowing the name and general theme. With that said this anime was NOT what I expected it threw me off completely. The story revolves around Takaki Tono and his affection Akari Shinohara

The story follows  a series of three shorts taken place at different points in time. These are all in order but it was very jarring for me to see the credits roll after the first short ended I was super angry, then I shortly noticed they made them as shorts. The movie encapsulates the notion of love and how it is in the real world. It is about distance and how to deal with the varying types of distances in your life, emotional and physical. Hence the name 5 Centimeters Per Second (Which is a cool ass name) It is the speed at which cherry blossoms fall to the ground. It is also the speed it takes for this anime to stab my feels


The story provides a lot of character development  and we see Takaki grow physically and mentally. This story however isn't sunshine and rainbows it can get utterly depressing at times...Most of the time. The movie should be called "The Melancholy of Takai Tono

 terrible photoshop is terrible 

The ending for this anime is probably hit or miss for a lot of people. My first impression of the ending was a bit like this


What the feel? Is that it? 

and i'm sure a lot of other people were like that too. Without giving too much away I want to say we are so used to seeing the hollywood romance, that when we don't see it we think there's something wrong. However this is not true , endings need to match up with the shows tone and wrap up the overall theme and this one does so perfectly.

(I made a gif of what the final scene felt like to me. Spoilers ahead so if you haven't seen the movie don't click the link) 

(I also made a video on how this ending felt, spoilers ahead.)

Story: 10


 The motherfucking animation in this damn movie is fantastic. The scenery is beatuiful, character designs are beautiful. This shit almost looks real at times.

  I don't think anymore needs to be said just watch the movie it is undeniable the animation is great. Sure there are probably some times where it isn't AS good as other scenes but it is consistently great throughout the entire movie and for that it gets a 10

Animation 10


 My LORD the sound!

 Ok it's actually more like this



 Makoto Shinkai knows what he wants the music in his movies to sound like and whatever he chooses always fits perfectly. This movie could literally be just scenery and music and it'd still be enjoyable. This music evokes so much emotion out of you, I can't listen to the score without catching the feels. Tenmon composed the music and for every tear that was shed he gained 5 years on his life span so Tenmon is immortal now. The music for each part has it's own feel to it for the first short the music seems innocent and passionate.


While the music for the second part has a country feel to it, and can be exhilirating at times. It speaks so well for the setting and the characters 


The music for the third part kind of reflects on the first one, the music in the final short to me feels almost like it's completely focoused upon reflection. The ending theme fits perfectly, it's like that piece you've been dying to have in tetris 



As for the dub and the sub they are both equal in terms of quality.So you're good with either or. 


Sound 10


The cast of 5cm is a small one with 3 main characters mainly focusing on 2 of them.

The Main two are: 

Takaki Tono 


Akari Shinohara 


The story follows these two childhood friends who develop feelings for each other. Little do they know life has its own developments for the both of them and they both have to face them and deal with the results.

The third character is


Kanae Sumida  

Kane is a country girl who has trouble studying and concentrating, and like everyone her age she really doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. 

The Characters in 5cm all feel real, while there are some minor characters I didn't mention these  are the main characters and the ones you see the most development out of. Each character learns a lesson of their own about distance and their lessons are all ones we need to learn in our lives. 

Characters: 10



 5cm per second does it's job, it shows a realer side to love than most animes, or even movies do. This anime is truly outstanding and definately has earned it's spot in my dvd collection. I gladly give 5cm per second a 10/10

 Verdict: Outstanding

5cm per second gets a Must Watch rating with a high Buy It!

My first 10/10. A 10 does not indicate perfection it is a score giving to animes that are truly outstanding and are examples of what we should see more of in this industry

 As always this is ya boy Wiru-san's take, make sure you follow me on my blog Guyfawx.tumblr.com and on youtube under the channel SwordnKey. And stay away from woodchippers!

Check out the AMV I made about this movie!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Charana Jun 25, 2015

If there is anything id like to say wrong about this anime is that in the second chapter/arc the emphasis was heavily put on kanie's (girl who secretly in love with him) emotions,which made me feel detached from plot,they should of dug deeper into HIS emotions during that arc,bringing to the surface his feelings of loss and his attachment to the past.Most of the second arc was throught her perspective and focused on her dilemma without focusing on the protagonists love story 

Garfield10 Jan 3, 2015

Watch out: Gif way too accurate!