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Hey y'all. I'm just an average guy who got screwed over in life. Though I am currently working towards a better future. 

I have quite a few nicknames...


1. WinterWolf (I love winter, and a wolf is my spirit animal) Had it since 2010...

2. UncleFetus/UncleFestus (I used to be called uncle by my friends because I was always more mature, and I used to say fetus a lot) 

3. Cookie (My last name is cook, and I love to eat cookies)

4. ArizonaRanger or AR (I used to be obsessed with the Rangers, and I love Arizona) didn't even know about the song until I played Fallout: New Vegas...


Another thing that y'all should know is that I love anime. If you see my "Life on anime" jump up, it's probably because I either haven't been on in a while, and updated the anime list, or I finished a series... If y'all don't believe that I can, just know that it took me about a month and a half to watch up to episode 600 of one piece...

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