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if you came here for big brain moves, you aint gonna get much. But you'll be entertained! and that's better than big brain moves! i think?
if you just like political/royalty anime, this will be for you.

if you're here with the "IMPRESS ME PEASANT FOR I HAVE 999 IQ" attitude, you wouldn't like it. but if you just realised that it aint a big brain pepega anime while watching the first episode and said f- it imma sit back and be entertained, you'll do just fine!

No need for a break down for this anime, the characters are nicely made to have more than one dimension (they feel more alive) including some of the "villain" characters as well which was a pleasant surprise. (but if im picky some of the villains are pretty 1 dimensional but meh we aint seeing em no more so who cares)

You cant have a kingdom style anime without wars can you? and i appreciate there's no characters too supernatural (OP) to make the battles easy like other kingdom building style anime, so strategies are actually needed. 
finally, the mix of cheeky moments are just perfect, not too many that it breaks the flow of the show, not too little that it becomes an edgelord pepega war anime.

Overall, i enjoyed it very much.
Personally i think if you're expecting cool wars and bloodshed you might be dissapointed (DEAAAATH BLOOD DEAD BODIES) - that's what i meant by edgelord pepega war anime btw - but i personally watch anime for a bit of escapism/good vibes, so not a fan

9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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