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This series has continued to get even worse, this encompasses the previous 2 parts as well. The very common and often average at best general premise of "I was a NEET/shut in(or close enough) to I'm OP in this new world but I still just am going to try and live my previous lifestyle" is used and happens to be a primary reason why the show gets worse the longer it goes. It tries to fool you into believing that Main is just going to try and read/make books, meanwhile it progressively has less and less of the "here's how I'm going to attempt to get/make materials for scribing. Which was a bit stupid in the first place based on the fact that they're assuming materials in a different realm of existence would be exactly the same or close enough that every type of creation: food, beauty products, clothing... whatever it may be is able to be replicated from her previous IRL information. Of course as stated it strays from the base concept of "let's just try and read" to I'm OP magical girl pretty early on but then still makes that boring as possible. It feels confusing whether or not it's trying to be partially educational about the history of evolution of recording documents because it doesn't go into much depth on them but feels the need to present an unnecessarily long rant about them ie the printing press in this season.

There may not be a single character that isn't excessively annoying. That's really all that needs to be said about the characters tbh. They really just all kind of suck hard. Main may have been an adult pre series storyline, but she's not even 10 in season 3s beginning, proceeds to mention how '"she wouldn't mind being seen in the underwear her family made her." So randomly horny as a physical literal child but kind of mentioned how she didn't really have interest in physical/sexual connections or would rather be reading than anything else in her previous life pretty early in the first season.

The animation is very pretty, however a good bit of it is pretty lazily animated as well. 

2/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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ItsAkira Apr 15, 2024

 would have to respectifully disagree because I think the whole thing is pretty good at mixing different things in Myne's life together to make for a story that's a little more than what is currently shown at any time. S3 adds a bit more to that with a ton of character motives and other new characters that show up. I will not elaborate on them due to spoilers.

It still all makes sense and still makes the story entirely interesting enough to make you want to know what happens next. I will admit that it can come across as slow at times, but it makes for everything to be easy to catch onto with no real issue in regards to unnecessary complexity or going off on wild tangents. I don't think this season, in particular, opens too many doors for questions, or at least, again, it is on the same level as the prior seasons.