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KoyukiJay Dec 26, 2017

Aww. My mom was very big on the whole "taking care of yourself" thing. Being independant has been such a huge thing for her and she wanted us to do the same. So I've learned to cook and clean and now that I live on my own, it's been very helpful

You'd be very surprised. She has somehow figured out my timezone and schedule and calls me every time she knows I'm not busy. XD 

Judging comes from all over the place. You're right about the stranger's part. You don't know them and there's like a 99.99% chance you'll never even see them again. Family...Family is family. I have a negative family but seeing as we're not a close knit fam, I don't have to face it ever.

Oh Japan is wonderful. You and your friend would love it here! It can be a bit pricey once you first get here but if you balance everything well you'll do fine. The 'rents tend to send me money whenever they assume I need it and I just go along with it because hey..extra money to do extra stuff. It's just wonderful. I can't even find the right words to describe.

KoyukiJay Oct 27, 2017

It's something like a tradition in our house. We pick special recipes and cook them on certain "special days." Call it a treat I guess. So It's not rare for me to get up early but no one ever beats my mom. Haha

I have to say my mom hasn't reached that point. Not only does she complain about everything I do but she still finds the need to call me and complain about what other people do. I'm about used to it by now. XD 

That sounds horrific. I can't see how people wear chokers anyway. I get uncomfortable even hearing about things on people's neck, much less seeing it. Now imagine me with people getting choked or getting their throats slit. Nope.

I'm still at that point where I feel like I need people's approval. Not much as before and I'm slowly learning to get over it. It's nice to hear that you really don't care what people think. I hope i reach that point too.

I am studying in Japan. I have always loved japanese culture and when my parents told me to pick a university outside of the states that was a reasonable price, I'd picked there. Can't say I've hated it. It's been quite lovely.

KoyukiJay Oct 20, 2017

Agreed. Somehow after raising me their entire lives they don't understand that I hate being bothered during the mornings. I remember once, my stepdad once told me that he didn't like that I was making him breakfast because I wasn't smiling. And of course that made me madder. Leave me beeeeee

Sadly, I haven't entered that stage of life with Mom. She always has to point out everything. Despite the fact that she was just like me when she was growing up.

Gore doesn't really make me squemish unless it has something to do with the neck. I really hate watching people get choked to death or get their throats slit. Like that really really bothers me and it goes hand in hand with the fact that I hate anything touching my neck. But generally, if I see some gorey type stuff I'll be like "Ooooooh" like damn, that's a terrible way to die but it doesn't bother me sometimes it makes me laugh. Documentary's like that one about the girl do bother me so I can understand where you're coming from.

You're right. Watching horror alone is lame.

Honestly, I'm proud of you for that. I like that you're able to do what you love without caring about what people think. The reason I asked is because I've heard that a lot of people don't take gaming careers seriously, whether it be game designing, gaming reviews and so on and so forth. 

You're not wrong. I am American but my parents wished that I studied abroad.

KoyukiJay Oct 18, 2017

Same here. Can't even deny. XD 

Omg, I do that too. I call it the "Lay of truth" I lay there for hours trying to myself together before I finally get up. It's kinda pathetic. And plus I'm like the biggest A-hole when I wake up. Don't speak to me, don't come near me, don't even breathe near me. Everything makes me so angry in the mornings. XD

I always enjoy being on my own also. Everyone else has a problem with that though. 

Yea, it's pretty dang tough. You always know it's gonna be hard but some stuff that you expected to be the most hard, isn't and the stuff you expect to be the easiest is usually the hardest. It's a struggle but I'm trying my best. I do get a little squemish around blood but I'm a big gore and horror fan (Although I do not watch horror alone). Awww nooooo, how dare u? I love hearts so much. The sound of someone else's heart beat is so calming to me, like a cats purr. I swear, if I ever get an S.O, he's gonna think I'm weird af. 

Ooh Game design is neat. I like the sound of that. Does anyone ever judge you for that?

I appreciate the cookie. I really do. *Wipes tear*

For me, a little ol' poor child, it's expensive. But I have good parents and they saved up for me. Also, did you know that college here is less expensive than college in America? 

KoyukiJay Oct 12, 2017

I'm smart but I'm also not smart. You get me?

Ha, No I did not steal that from you but looks like we are quite similar

I am studying nursing. What are you studying?

Vacations? What's a vacation?

Just kidding, I'm poor. 

I have no money



I'm dead serious I literally have like 11 dollars in my pocket and the only place that's going to get me is to the nearest gas station to fill up my tank like not even a quarter of the way.