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Anime Genre Preferences:

Action - Love the action anime, especially how well most fight scenes are done

Romance - I'm kind of picky with this one, I don't like it when it ends up as a harem but I enjoy watching the ones with a good relationship a perfect example would be Saito and Louise from Zero no Tsukaima.

Comedy - Can't get enough of good anime puns making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts (happened plenty of times)

These would be my top 3 genre but I prefer them together and not as a standalone (Comedy isn't a must though). Although most anime aren't tagged with romance even though most have a good romantic element to them.

Slice of Life - I have trouble watching slice of life anime. I can't really find them enjoyable. However there are some really good ones out there that I've enjoyed.

Harrem - Again not a genre to turn me away but I prefer it when boy and girl in relationship (romance) not when you have 5 girls after one boy. I tend to pick a favourite and cheer that one on while hoping the others would just die, another example is Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima (yes, I'm referring to this anime again but it has many excellent examples and first thing to come to mind) Yes this isn't a harem but I simply hate her because she keeps interfering with Saito and Louise.

Ecchi - I don't exactly mind ecchi but when i get too much and too frequent sometimes it seems the anime is focusing too much on fan service and not the actual plot. *cough* Infinite Stratos *cough*

Horror - I don't mind the scary side of horror but I'm not a fan of excessive gore, when it's a bit too strong it can be a bit too much for me to handle and I need to stop for a bit. Yes I know it's only animated but just have difficulty with it.

Well that's me and my preferences for now


The signature I made uses the picture of Shichika Yasuri from Katanagatari created by an unbelievably talented artist by the name of zomeqq who posts his work on deviant art. Highly recommend you check out his gallery. I simply added a maple leaf watermark and "CHEERIO". Fans would understand. 


Shichika - Katanagatari

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chikoritaBH Sep 8, 2013

Of course, .hack is good. No, it's not good. It's amazing. xDD

That girl in my avatar is one of the main characters of .hack. :D

And I am sorry for being late again... I am soooooo busy now. :D

chikoritaBH Aug 23, 2013

It's a good signature... :-) But I would prefer .hack series which is really similar to SAO. :-)

chikoritaBH Jul 17, 2013

You are always welcome. :D

chikoritaBH Jul 16, 2013

Okay... You are not a pervert... :D:D (For now xD) What a pity... xDDDD Your time will come when you are older... xDDDDDD

You are welcome... :-) If you have a question, just ask. My bio was removed a few months ago and I am too lazy to write a new one. xD

chikoritaBH Jul 11, 2013

It's not fun, but a torture... xDDD

Well... to like ecchi and harem... :D I think you try to avoid them. And according to me, it's a big mistake... because I love them, it's my duty to tell you how awesome these genres are... xDDD But you don't have to listen to me... xDDD I'm just a pervert... xD