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It's my the best achievement :)
https://worldofrev.wordpress.com/ <--- Here is my blog with reviews :)
About me! :D
- You can call me Watashizashi, zashi, ashi, wata... as you wish and you want!
I won't be mad! :D
- I like anime, i watch it since 2009. 
1st anime - Naruto
- I love writing reviews. I wrote review of: Ore Monogatarii!!, Devil May Cry, Amagami SS(with Amagami SS+), Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin, Lovely Complex, Yosuga no SoraBoku wa Tomodachi wa Sukunai and Midori no Hibi
 I hate apodictic people, they make me pissed off
- My favourite music is metal and I love Rammstein ;>
- I'm gamer! :D

- My birthday is 14th January

Usually I am really kind guy ;)

I'm greeter in WECO :D
If you want to join write to FullmetalDragonRntt89 or Daisuki ;D

10.10.2017 - I'm proud of it <3            09.01.2018 - another milestone :D
I love these openings *-*                

My favourite anime:

Ore Monogatari!!

B Gata H Kei

Highschool DxD


Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

Previous anime:
Darker than Black

Now watching:

Next anime:


My favourite metal bands:





0:33 When your favourite anime ends
Butcher Babies

Saltatio Mortis

That's all guys ! :D
Feel free to comment. I'll answer you ASAP! :D

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Sianeka Sep 25, 2016

Watashizashi says...   Greetings, how's your Sunday ? :)

Just starting!!! (It's 8am whee I am.)  How's yours going for you?

Sianeka Sep 25, 2016

Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch and leave me a comment on my profile page any time - I'd love to hear from you!

lindapearl Sep 18, 2016

Do you play any other instruments

lindapearl Sep 18, 2016

oh yes. Sorry, I wansn't thinking about instruments

lindapearl Sep 18, 2016

Keyboard? Is that a game?