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"Forever alone"
Friendship is one of the most important values if it is not the most important. It helps us to deal with many adversities. Sometimes it is impossible to find person, which we want to be friend with.
When I watched that anime I thought about that social problem, but to the point. It's time to tell you about friendship's paradox. Why paradox ? You'll see...

"We are friends..."
The story begins in highschool where we meet boy called Kodaka Hasegawa. He is like a monster and destroys everyone on his way - that's how his classmates talk about him. To be honest, protagonist is kind young man who wants to make friend. Later he meets girl who is talking to herself. It was so strange to talk to curious friend. Then Kodaka finds out about club. That club's quest is to make friends.

"...but we're not.."
And there we move to the concetrate. Members of the club: Kodaka, Sena, Yozora, Rika and Yukimura are hanging out in many places. There is the best part of this... These things are making to the test in case they would make friends. Astounding! That's the stupidest idea I've ever thought. That is the paradox that I talked about at the beginning. Is the fact that these people are members of club doesn't make them looking like they're friends ? It's pretty obvious, but they are convince yourself that they aren't friends. It's kinda idiotic, but who cares? Story isn't bad at all, but that paradox makes that anime exceptional.

" Not as black, as it painted"
It's time to tell about animation and sound. Well, opening rocks! It made me to watch that anime. Animation is good too. These elements are good couple in that title. I'll tell much more about characters. We know Kodaka - guy who is kind guy and can't make friend and Yozora who were talking to herself. Sena is blonde girl who has rich parents which is reason why she can't make friends. The next character is Rika, the scientis. She loves doing experiments. Unfortunately she can't make friends because people are thinking that she's weirdo. And the last member of the club is Yukimura - boy who is dressing like girl. Each of the members have the same problem and quest - making friends! I have my fingers crossed for them!

In a nutshell Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is perfect anime for people who like complicated plots and specific characters. I believe that this title will enjoy everyone!

Want to make friends with others

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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