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Yosuga no Sora

Oct 4, 2017

"Why there is so much hate?"
Rainy day is the best time for writing review. There is no doubt. Since I like romance animes I'm going to make review of Yosuga no Sora - anime which has mixed feelings. Some people hates that anime because of explict sex and mostly for incest. Others are sure that is good romance.
I'm of the opinion that Yosuga no Sora is one of the most tragic anime. In this review I'll try to tell you about mine theory. Stay tuned!

"The days that never come"
First of all, main characters are alone. They don't have parents, becuse they died in a accident.
This sentence speaks by itself. No one would live with awareness that we're alone without parents.
But Haruka and Sora Kasugano have to live on their own. It's hard and sad even for us. In the most of cases uncle and aunt of children would got them in their house, but not in this case. The sibling must live at their own for a long time. That situation can make weird feeling with each other, but about it in the next paragaph.

"Kiss me Oniisan!"
There is landmark in that anime. Everything begin when Sora is in hospital. She played with her brother, when suddenly something were going to fall at Sora's head. Fortunately Haruka rescued his sister and kissed her unconsciously. That moment has stayed in Sora's mind, even now when they're alone. She knows that only person who can help her is Haruka, so it leads to weird and heartbreaking moments. Her jealousy of her brother make difficult for Haruka to find a girlfriend.
At the begining everything is OK, but in the second part of plot things are complicated.

Almost every girl that wanted to be with Haruka had problem in their life. For example Kazuha Migiwa has problem with her father, Akira Amatsume with her mother. Haruka as he is helpful man try to solve their problem and he gets their love as the award. But in every case their relationship is destroyed because of Sora. We can't blame only Sora, because if only Haruka didn't kissed Sora it wouldn't be any trouble. But what happened is done.

"Affair on the side" 
I hope that my theory is simple for us. I'm going to tell about soundtrack and graphic design.
I must say that I almost cried on openning and it doesn't happen very often. This make that anime more tragic than I thought it would be. Graphic design is nice, colors are bearable. Characters are the most tragic characters that I've ever seen. Group of teenagers try to help the sibling, but it's hard to do it when younger sister is jealous about her brother. They are making that anime more interesting.

In a nutshell Yosuga no Sora is tragic anime and I said about it in two paragraphs and a little more on the last paragraph. I hope that I won't have to say more about it, but If you want to know more, just write a comment under this review or on my site. We can discuss ^^
PS. Play an opening of that anime. You'll feel sadness from that title.

Almost cried at the beginning and end

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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