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Lovely Complex

Aug 9, 2017

"Lovely Complex... but are you sure?"
Couples are cute no matter how they look or how tall are they. Unfortunately point of view depends on the point of sitting.
Usually we see couples where girl is shorter than boy, but when girl is taller than boy? This seems interesting..
I talked with two persons about that anime and "complex" and their opinion I'll present you!

"How it is possible??! - stereotypical point of view"
So this is Lovely Complex hm? Wait... what the heck? Why man is tiny and girl tall? I usually see that boy is taller than girl.
Ok, maybe it won't bother me because this anime has good music and line, but still... You know what? I can't stand that main heroes
are together despite their size. Even when they might be with persons of their size... Don't get me wrong, anime is good, but that "complex" little bothered me.
If that won't be problem for you, I can recommend you that title.

"A lot of sweetness in one anime - typical fan's of romanse point of view"
Another romance and another cute and sad moments... ahh... I love romances!
Lovely Complex... how nice... so cute... Oh, I pondered little. I'm going to watch it now!
Girl is taller than guy... how cute... If I could be like that woman I would hug my boyfriend to death.
I would like to live like that... What? Review? Oh crap I forgot about it!
I recomend it for everyone who loves romances like I do. The line and music are awesome!
Hm... where I finished? Ah love.... I would... *zzzzzzz*

"Anime like other romances, but with comedy stuff - my point of view"
Since that from romances fan we didn't learn anything useful(stereotypical person was more helpful) I'm going to tell you about that anime precisely.
Lovely Complex is for me very good anime. The fact of "complex" don't bother me, there is couple like others.
No one earlier mentioned about comedy stuff... what a pity because this is main part of anime. That "Complex" is perfect for making fun of each other
and there it takes place! I laughed all the time while watching it. The character of heroes owes much. Line was pretty good. Music was climate especially opening!
Adventures of Koizumi and Otani was full of feelings and fun! I can't tell much about other characters because protagonists played first violin.
The end of anime is pretty much same like other romances so I won't tell you about it.

In a nutshell "Lovely Complex" is very good anime for romance fans and others. I promise that you'll have fun while watching it!

Is arguing with giraffe

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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