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Amagami SS

Jul 29, 2017

Warning! This review was written after watching Amagami SS and Amagami SS+. Additionally this contains peanuts.

"Unparalleled romance anime?! It's true"
As I watched many romance animes I think that most of them are similar. Two people falls in love in each other and try to reach out to each other and that's all, omitting single moments with other characters.
Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ aren't monotonous. Usually story is about man and woman, but in these anime story is about one man and six girls. But it isn't harem,
do not confuse concepts. Story contains threads about love story of each of girls. Not extending I'll tell you about them.

PS. Each thread counts to the average rating of story.

"So it began..."
Main story begins very sad, because our protagonist Jun'ichi Tachibana was *"rejected" by a girl on christmas.
He was disappointed and for a long time he was scared of falling in love. But near future will change Jun'ichi's life forever.

*Everyone who watched this know why. And it's stupid reason...

"Women are like wine, the older the better"- story of Haruka Morishima
Having popular girlfriend is very good and bad in some sense - other guys are jealous, but from other hand they wants to bounce her from you.
Story is quite confusing, because Morishima senpai is picking his up. There may appear question, why girl is picking up boy, but not contrary.
Answer is easier than you though. Because in this and more cases Jun'ichi is kind guy, which girls like a lot.
Back to story... Morishima falls in love in Jun'ichi, what she confessed to him in hotel room, how romantic...

In Amagami SS+ we see situation that no one who is in relationship want to face against. Emigration to different country, in that case this is England.
Morishima is going to London. Yeah, that's true and hard to believe. That feelings accompanied Jun'ichi when he heard that news. Our hero was sad and wanted to confess her before she leave Japan.
That has become on end of school year, everyone heard that. Very brave step young boy, I'm proud of you!
There ends that thread. It was good, but could be better.


"From youthful flame, to an old married couple." - story of Kaoru Tanamachi
This story is for me the best thread in that anime. There is nothing better than relationship with friend from secondary school. And that's true in that case...
Reaching out to each other was more complicated. There was more feelings like - sadness,scare and other ones. But confession was more natural and sincere.

In second season that relationship is more like an old married couple, why ? There is appearing arguments for any reason. Even on holiday trip... *sigh*
I hate that moments, so lets go to the end. Kaoru and Jun'ichi made up with each other and constitute compatible couple.
And they lived Happily Ever After.


"Notice me senpai!" - story of Sae Nakata
There is similar story to first one, but there is 180 degree rotation. Girl is younger than our protagonist and in consequence she is shy.
Sae wants to make contact with other people, but she is scared that they may ignore her. Jun'ichi as he is kind boy, she helps her to beat her shyness.
As a result of that they is reaching each other. Their love could not help fact when Sae was President of the student council. Even if she was busy it was always time to meet her boyfriend.
For the rest of their life they are through thick and thin. Quite worse story than about Kaoru, but still good.


"Swimmer and young boy" - story of Ai Nanasaki
Story is confusing, but there is more confusing one than that, but on the later. This contains feelings, mostly loss and tears.
But final of that mood swings is beautiful. We find this on Amagami SS+ when Jun'ichi offers Ai that she can meet him when he go to university.
Then they kiss each other, the end. Confusing, but lovely story.


"Childhood memories" - story of Rihoko Sakurai
That relationship reaches childhood of both heroes. Rihoko Sakurai and Jun'ichi Tachibana knows each other since youngest years.
There is no strange in fact that one of them falls in love with each other. That's in Rihoko case. Reaching each other took to the second season when they finally confessed their feelings.
During that I though that I won't see the end of that story, but it finally occurred. Yeah! Exciting story.


"Crammer vs kind boy" - story of Tsukasa Ayatsuji
That story will show us what love can do to a human. I have never seen more tears than in this thread. Story begins innocently, chairman of the government class volunteered to thing that no one wanted to do.
She complains about her class, but suddenly Jun'ichi also wanted to do this to help Ayatsuji. She didn't know that he falls in love with her. Everything come to light when they talked to each other in four eyes in empty class.
And there is moment which I never forget. Tsukasa was confused and mad, because she wanted to change herself, but Jun'ichi told her that he love her as she is.
In first season they were together, but in second season there has not been anything interesting.
Very good story for romance drama.


"Other flavours of anime"
Since I didn't noticed in story music and line I can tell about it in that paragraph. Music was perfect and made me to feel good since I watched it.
Line was good either, sweet colors were pleasant for eye. Anime as entirety was very good and I could rewatch it if I could.

In a nutshell Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ is perfect anime for romance anime fans who is bored of usual story.
I was having fun when I was watching it and I recommend it to everyone!

Can't free himself from girls


9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall
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