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Devil May Cry

Jul 28, 2017

"Popular, but... are you sure ?"
I'm a gamer so Devil May Cry serie is familiar for me. But I was very surprised when I discovered anime with the same name.
As fast as possible I started to watch it. How it was? I was quite dissapointed, but I tell everything in sequence.

"Feel like in seventh heaven..."
The beggining of anime was badass. Imagine, main character Dante goes in bar, orders strawberry dessert and after moment he beats up monsters.
Whoah! That was sick I thought. That music and line... it made me watching more episodes.

"...but not all gold that glitters"
And there ends positives of that anime. Second episode and I see protagonist who sits behind desk and talking on the phone about debts. Really?
Everyone who played video games from that serie didn't recognise that Dante had any debt. Suddenly is coming man with moustache and gives to Dante quest.
He has to transport little girl who is heir of her family. And I swear that young lady is the most annoying character in that anime(skipping fact that there are worse characters)
and she will crush your mood while watching this.

The further you go, you're more annoyed. Another characters are even worse. One character is muscular and flirts with Miss Lady, but is scared of Dante.
C'mon! Some quests was good, but it didn't change my opinion about it. And that moment when Dante dies. But, why? He is strong and knows everything about demons, so why did he died?
What a shame. He was good character, the best one from that anime.

In a nutshell Devil May Cry isn't anime for people, who played video games from that serie. Simply they will get dissapointed.
From the other hand I can recommend it for fans of horror or demons. It would be better, if creators could make more based on video games.

Underfeeded strawbery dessert


5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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