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My Love Story!!

Jul 19, 2017

"Love - feeling like others"

Love is feeling which makes woman and man to be together. Everyone knows that, it's nothing new...
But did you hear about short and shy lady who falls in love with ugly giant with gentle heart? I don't think so.
Ladies and gentleman, let me tell you story about beautiful love.

"Beauty and the Beast"

"Ore Monogatarii!!" begins like every romanse anime. Protagonist is complaining about his live while his friend is surounded by girls.
It's normal day by the time when Takeo meet shy girl who is palpating by a man. Giant boy as he is generous and sensitive to injustice beats up stranger.
And there is begining of youthful flame.

Every episode we are witness of slowly reaching to theirselves. But it isn't easy because Yamato is shy and afraid of rejection and Takeo is newbie in that cases so he has to ask his friend Sunakawa for advice.
It seems kinda stupid, but it is all beauty of love that we want to see. After some time they are together, but couple has to be careful because some persons wants to break their feeling.

"My heart began to spring" That sentence is in Takeo's and Yamato's minds. Everything is fine unless one moron, Ichinose - that's his name, is going to perturb their rythm of life.
He flirts with Yamato and intends to replace Takeo. Finaly cute girl reject Ichinose's confession. Everything is back to normal and they lived happily ever after.

"Lovely symphony"

Music in that anime was pleasant for my ears and compelled to reflect. Every moment in story made me to watch every episode.

"Something from another barrel"

The best thing from anime were subplots. I was surprised when during watching serie about love of two young people I see other values of our life like: moment when Takeo has little brother. This almost made me cry, but I'm brave man and I reached it.
It's definetely the most valuable anime of my life.

In a nutshell Ore Monogatarii!! is for me the best romance anime that I ever watched. I hope that I would watch as good anime as this one. Every fan of beautiful love story should watch it.

I wish you a lovely day


10/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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