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BloodyRain Sep 28, 2016

A dzięki dzięki :D

Sianeka Sep 26, 2016

Watashizashi says...   That's true. I'm high school student, so I haven't much time to watch anime maybe after school :)

Life ALWAYS interferes! hahaha  I never get enough spare time to watch all the anime I want to see.  So much anime, so little time!

Monarda Sep 26, 2016

well hello there ^^

loool I'll do my best not to screw up then

thank you for the follow and have a nice day!!

Sy0592 Sep 25, 2016

Hello Watashizashi,

I've followed you back ^_^

Thank you. With time I might watch some more anime ^_^

Naruto and One Piece though seem like harder to watch all the seasons lol

Have a nice week!

Sianeka Sep 25, 2016

Watashizashi says...  But it's also important to watch anime ;D

Never enough time to watch anime!