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whenpigsfly1233 Jul 8, 2018

when you get a ps4 add me lol

ryzeofteddeh Jul 8, 2018


Damnn woww that is a lot XD, I only have like 30-40 and the majority of those are free to play games.

ryzeofteddeh Jul 7, 2018

Ohh, that's nice. I haven't played Morrowind yet, well Skyrim is the only Elder Scrolls game I've played xD.

Wow, I did not know, that's a cool way of linking your games, I like it ^.^. 

You have played quite a fair bit :o, Elsword :o? I used to play that too, was a good game.

Anyways, hope you have a good rest of your day ^.^

KarinXOXO Jul 6, 2018

Oh, the reality show! LOL - hope you are getting a few good laughs in! ;) 

KarinXOXO Jul 6, 2018

Hi Babe! Thanks for the follow! Following you back of course! Hope you are doing well and doing well with WECO! *kisses*