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❤Kenny-chan welcomes you to my profile❤



 introvert|cat lover|otaku|fujoshi|metalhead



fav genres:

romance|horror|comedy|fantasy|shounen/shojo ai|action



my current list top anime of all the time:

shingeki no kyojin

kiseijuu: sei no kakuritsu (parasyte)

shinsekai yori

akame ga kill

koe no katachi

shokugeki no soma

ansatsu kyoushitsu



danshi koukousei no nichijou

death parade

detroit metal city

dramatical murder

kamigami no asobi




my true one and only waifu is Fey ❤






my bf finally created acc here❤




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LUCIIIII Jul 15, 2021

Hiii!! How are you? Sorry for the lat e reply! ^^

I will soon give snk/aot a try, I have done that before and have actually watched the first season. I did enjoy it quite a lot and the animations is excellent, but i just didnt feel to attached to the plot or art style, but i will try and give it another try since you praise so highly towards it. :)

You have awesome taste, Inever got too deep into the metal world so do you have any recs? If you dont mind. I also really like Mafumafu!! And it is interesting to know that Yousei Itoku is the artist of many Mrai Nikki openings? What do you think of Mirai Nikki is it worth giving a try? 

I am mostly into Alternative, classice, pop and Indie, rock and r and b.  (Oasis, The Neighbourhood, Caliro, Alec Benjamin, Green Days..) 

I do really enjoy kpop alot and I would love to give you some recs!! There is just something about korean music, that really hypes m,e up but makes me feel relaxed at the same time. 


-Euphoria, and Butter from -BTS-, 
(They released a new song Permission to dance it is incredibly good too!)


-Eight, Love Poem-IU-

-Bang bang bang -Big Bang-

-Gods Menu -Stray kids-

I hope you enjoy some!

Do not worry about writing too much, that happens to me sometimes too!! I am having a lot of fun talking to you , and I feel we have some similar taste! ^-^

Sending you positive vibes and virtual hugs!! Smile!

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LUCIIIII Jul 9, 2021

hey, hey!! <33 Thank you so much for the Assasination Classroom gif, it really made me smile and was really pleasing! ^-^

You have great taste :))

Glad you like Hanako-kun because it is one of my fulltime favourites, and I would really recommend the manga since it is really entertaining and has many storylines and arcs that are not included in the anime show :)

As in AOT, I havent really got into it and I haver heard that the anime/manga series has ended in a beautiful way is it worth of reading/watching?' :D

Do you also do you also have a favourite song or artist?

purple aesthetic gifs | WiffleGif

LUCIIIII Jul 7, 2021

Hii! Thank you so much for follow!! :) 

What is your favourite anime or manga, if I can ask? ^^

 Hope you have a nice day/night <33

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blissinapricot Apr 14, 2021

Thanks for the follow, I followed you back!

Have a good day/ evening!

xjimoanx Mar 31, 2021

Lmao.He's probably my favourite character.
Returning the favour!

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