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Going into this anime I was expecting it to be complete trash, and while it certainly has some issues I actualy enjoyed watching it.

Story - This is where I feel like the anime was the weakest. For any sports anime, one of the msot important aspects of it is to be unpredictable and for the most part this anime failed at that. Every match in the series had a predictable result so the shock and awe factor was kind of missing. Additionally there were some matches where blatant cheating was ignored by the referee and when that happened it kind of lost its moment to moment immersion. It wasn't all bad though, there was a plot twist near the end that caught me off guard and I absolutely loved the last few episodes.

Animation - I felt like this was well done. Lots of attractive characters and lots of flashy moves and the characters all did a great job of showing emotion on their faces and struggling to fight on when they are long past the point of exhaustion. As someone who knows very little about wrestling I might not have the expertise to say this, but some of the submissions that the characters put each other in looked like they could either be escaped from easily or don't actually cause any pain.

Sound - I felt like this was pretty solid. I have only heard Lindsay Sdidel in minor roles but I felt like she did a great job as the protagonist.  Her performance really stood out to me and I hope to hear more of her. Most of the other performaances were solid.  There was one character who I thought could have been casted better though. While she was somewhat of a minor character, Elana's role in the story was important.  Monica Rial has a specialized talent and it really doesn't work for an idol character.  I don't know if it could have been avoided for a wrestling anime, but it also felt like there was way too much time spent listening to screams of agony.

Characters - As a 12 episode sports anime with a large majority of the time spent in combat, there was not a lot of story time for developing a lot of complex relationships between characters.  Most of the characters were simple and to the point. I feel like this was an anime that would have overstayed its welcome if it went on too much longer.

Overall I would say this is one more sports anime to add to the list of anime for sports enthusiasts, and an enjoyable watch for anyone who likes wrestling.  If that is you this is a solid way to pass a couple of days but I can't imagine putting this series at the top of my recommendations for anyone.  Sports anime is a croweded genre and this series didn't do enough to stand out among better titles.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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