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I found this series to be an overall solid romance anime.

Story - First of all, I have to say that while it was only a minor sub plot, the idea of alien life forms trying to perform a logical analysis of the relationships of high school girls was hilarious and it definitely shined within the overall story. As far as the main plot goes, it was about a boy who due to an alien crash landing into Earth and injuring him and the medical process not going according to plan, turns into a girl. While as a boy he was extremely shy and reserved, as a girl she feels like she has nothing to lose and makes an effort to live life to the fullest. While it was a little bit slow paced for my tastes, I felt like this anime had a good concept and was well executed.

Animation - I don't really have anything good or bad to say about the animation, nothing about it was particularly bad, but it didn't really do anything to stand out as impressive either.

Sound - The OP, ED, were enjoyable to listen to, the background soundtracks throughout the episodes were immersive, and the cast of voice actors did a good performance.

Characters - The characters and their complex relationships with each other were the best I have seen from any anime that I have watched in a while. Hazumu has feelings for both Yasuna and Tomari, but she feels like if she commits to one of them she will crush the other. She also feels that if she doesn't choose one of them it will crush them both. She will do anything to not hurt anyone but there is no clear answer. Tomari has feelings for Hazumu and wants her for herself, but she also wants what is best for her and she thinks Yasuna is a better partner than she is. Yasuna also has feelings for Hazumu but she is afraid that falling in love with anyone will hurt them in the long run.  Each of these characters tries their best to be friends on the surface, but their conflicting romantic interests constantly tested their friendship.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall

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