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I'm not sure how this anime ended up on my WTW list, but it was one of my recommendations for Secret Santa so I decided to give it a go.

Story - Really not much of a story here. A bunch of people with weird personality traits form a club where they try to make friends.  Each episode focuses on the group doing things that friends normally do together, things like playing video games, going to the beach, and singing.  I never really felt like there was any kind of overall goal or any progression towards it.  Individually episodes were hit or miss for me. Sometimes I felt engaged from start to finish, sometimes I was just looking forward to the episode being over.

Animation - There wasn't anything in this series that I would consider badly animated, but also nothing that made it stand out either.

Sound - This is the one area that I felt the most impressed. There were often situations where a conversation between 2 characters was the main focus but also other characters chatting in the background clear enough to be heard and understood but also quiet enough to not be distracting from the conversation that the anime was trying to get you to focus on. The sound balancing felt completely perfect, which is something that seems surprisingly uncommon in anime I have seen. I also thought the OP was catchy.  While this series had a solid cast of voicce actors, a lot of the time they were just yelling at each other over trivial nonsense and the voice actors didn't get the chance to utilize their talents.

Characters - While this series was intended to be about awkward characters, I often felt like they were trying so hard to fit a stereotype that they didn't feel like they were believable. Most of them also felt pretty shallow and were never developed beyond their stereotype.  For an action anime characters like these can sometimes be fine, but for an anime that is supposed to be about character development, it is much harder to overlook. I will admit that I did like Yozora. Seeing her manipulate the emotions of those around her and bending them to her will never really got old.

Final thoughts- If a mindless school life anime is your bread and butter this one might be worth a watch, but if you decide to skip this series you really aren't missing out on much.  6/10

5/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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