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normal cool funny... Oh god darn it i don't know my bio.

My story begins in Youtube, the place where all videos go.

One day, i found an anime series called "Infinite Stratos", and i fell in love with it. I absolutely loved that and that woke up the spark inside me, spark, that started my love to anime. I expecially love bit erotic ones (With a limit, not some hentai...) My favourite genre is Sci-fi, which makes me like anime, whit mechas. Well, that is basically ALL what you need to know

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katyperryismine Apr 1, 2015

did you accidently remove me on steam

katyperryismine Dec 11, 2014

if you have steam we could chat easier

katyperryismine Dec 11, 2014

Well knowing that i would recommend steins gate for a great sci fi time travel anime. Phsyco pass is a great look at a dystopion future ruled by a machine. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is a great series in the gundam series one of the best infact. thats just a few to start you off with what info you gave me

katyperryismine Dec 11, 2014

Thanks for the response and its not that i hate him i just did not like his character very much they need to have a love  dislike and then hate character selection lol. As for recomendationsi have made a few list such as top 5 anime to see before you die then my own personal top 10. If you tell me what kind of topics intrest you i can recommend alot of good anime seeing as i have seen way more than most people should.