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Reality always has a habit of popping up when you least want it too. Thank god for anime and being able to have some time to yourself.

Check out some of my reviews! I've written a good few of them by now (based on my opinion, of course).

Below is the list of ratings and what they indicate in context of my reviews.

10 - Masterpiece. Doesn't matter what genre or anime art style you prefer or what you usually watch, chances are pretty high you will like this series regardless. In my opinion, very few series should score this high. 10 in my eyes is perfection, something only reserved for truly the best.

9 - Outstanding. Solid ratings across the board. A series that fans of its genre should definitely check out, and even viewers who don't usually watch that particular genre can get some enjoyment out of.

8 - Excellent. An above average series that may fall short here or there in certain categories, but overall is still a good product. This is probably where most of the series I enjoy will fall. The series has noticeable annoyances or flaws, but they are easily overshadowed by its good points.

7 - Decent. Still a strong rating, but this is where opinions among viewers begin to differ (everything 7 and below). If the synopsis or genre or anything else you see about said series is something you like, you should go ahead and check it out. If you're not a fan of the genre, it might be safer to try another series first.

6 - Average... or maybe slightly below it too. The series may have a good concept or a strong start, but somewhere along the way it falls short or simply screws up, or perhaps it consistently lacks something throughout the whole work. This is not to say the work is bad or weak, just that it has plenty of room for improvement.

5 - Poor. If you're a diehard fan of the anime's concept or genre, you may yet still squeeze some enjoyment out of it if you've got nothing else to watch. You might also be disappointed.

4 - Bad. The anime has little going its way. Chances are even for fans of the genre that they will be too busy filtering out the inconsistencies of the series through their head to notice the few good points, if there are any.

3 or below - Horrible. I'd like to think few series rank this low. There may be the occasional odd viewer that really likes it, but in general most people won't get anything good out of the series. These are the series that either you don't have the patience to finish, or that you've finished and just went "lolwut?"

Update (1/22/2019) - Like I said way back whenever I made this profile, reality has a habit of popping up when you least want it to. After almost a decade long break from Anime Planet and anime in general, I've finally been able to find some time and energy to get myself back into the swing of things. Probably won't be as active I used to be, but am definitely glad to see that the site is still around. Let's see what anime I stumble upon next.

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jahler Dec 11, 2010

yea just noticed >.>, thats a shame i realy liked those OVA's :/

MageOnx Sep 30, 2010

Thank you for the comment on my review! Moe flowers rule!

Sorry for ruining the fun of making a review... For what it's worth, I know how it feels! ^-^

sothis Jan 16, 2008

Annnnnd where is your top 5 anime and avatar, good sir? ;)