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A Good Day to Go Crazy

Dec 26, 2021

The smut and art were amazing in this story. The characters were a bit obnoxious in denying their feelings but their past and families impacted them so. The parents are such nuisances in this story. Mc constantly xenies his feelings for ml which gets frustrating. But they're a really cute couple that give each other shir and tease a lot it's funny. Both Mc and ml have amazing friends backing them up tho and we Stan them.


I loved the fact they met in the past as kids at the orphanage and in the costumes. I love the ml being a celeb he falls so hard for the random guy and even after they break up due to their fucked up families he constantly thinks of Mc and looks at his picture, true dedication even tho he could get with whomever he could want potentially. I love they both had each other for their hardship but Mc let the mom push him into messing things up :// I realize she is decent towards the end but she is still an asshole for doing what she did. I'm soo happy ml bro and friend get together with his help xD Overall, it's a decent read, I'd probably reread this just for their cute parts and smut.

8/10 story
9/10 art
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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