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Odd Taxi

May 20, 2022

A fairly interesting watch with some highs and lows. My recommendation for watching this show is to give 1 or 2 episodes a try. If you're bored while watching, then just don't bother since it's pretty much more of the same for the entirety of the way. If you're down with the vibes of the walrus taxi driver, then you'll probably get an interestingTM story with somewhat okay characters. It's a 6.5 rounded up to 7. Honestly I'm a bit hesitant to round it to 7 due to how weak parts of the script are tbh, but it was at least watchable unlike some other similar shows like Durarara or Baccano.

Odd Taxi is a slice of life mystery drama thing about a taxi driver with a furry/zootopia flavor or whatever you want to call it. If you're put off by the animals, then just know that there's not much to it other than visual flavor for the most part. The right mindset when watching this show is to watch it for it's vibes and it's plot. If you're not interested in furry stuff (idk what that even looks like tbh.) or you're looking for a deep and well developed cast, then you won't find that here.

The plot is actually fairly interesting, but it's held back by TOO many plot conveniences. You can make an excuse here and there, but the entire thing is really just held up by several instances of "Mr. X meeting Ms. Y at location Z at a specific time". When they have no other relation other than that one time they met. There are tons of character interactions that are just like this throughout the show. If you don't think too hard, then it's reasonably interesting to see how it all links together as the episodes go by. And yet...


***SPOILERS HERE*** They kick you in the balls in the end by giving you the big reveal of how all of the events started, but not a good reason of WHY people don't see the truth to the events starting. ***SPOILERS END***


The animation's reasonable. Personally didn't have an issue with the simple style, but then again I've managed to finish Kemono Friends, Kaiba, Ping Pong the Animation, etc. So take that as you will, but the stylization with the animals works great for me! There's the bleh anime CGI as always, but it's only really used for the cars which I don't mind too much. It's preferrable over CGI characters any day even as background additions. Only qualm is if they could've somehow used CGI more for the backgrounds and put the drawing resources to the cars instead, but considering the BGs were watercolor I doubt it was possible with the studio's given budget. Honestly the anime looks fine and animates fine.

I don't have much to say for the sound other than that it was alright. Voice acting was good, sound effects were reasonable. I will say that the OP is pretty good, but OPs and EDs are somewhat subjective at times. It was good and didn't blow my ears out or make me sad. Good enough for me.

The characters... Almost half of them just make me sad. Not actually sad, but just disappointed and annoyed to see them on the screen. They border between the line of being realistic to just downright dumb and annoying to watch. The good though is that the main character is pretty interesting and gets good development throughout the show. That and pretty much all of the characters' motivations are clear and understandable at least.

They really make sure that you as the audience at least can piece together an okay reason for why any character does anything. Heck they even dump an entire episode on a guy who's pretty much just a background piece annoying the crap out of the main character... It was a bad episode and character, but they made sure you at least understood why he was annoying the main character even if the reason for it was pretty dumb.

And there's a problem that too many of the characters have. The actions they take for their motivations tend to be logical, but the motivations are often dumb and bad ideas. It's a large part of what makes them really annoying to watch when they appear. It's a double edged sword because most characters don't get that much screen time per episode since there are many characters to cover, so it's not unbearable, but maybe if more time was spent on each character we'd relate to them and their causes more.

And then there are some more individual issues per character. Like why some of the antagonists just lose IQ in certain situations or write off X character leaving Y character behind, but then Y character not being upset with X character at all. Things like these could fall under plot convenience, but I think it's worth mentioning under characters because there are a few guilty of this. It's not egregious enough to ruin the experience HEAVILY, but it is enough to deduct points for.

Overall this show is NOT a masterpiece by any means. The characters are all over the place even if the main character is well developed and interesting. The plot is generally well thought out and interesting, but has a major flaw that isn't immediately evident while also having a generous amount of plot convenience. It's not convenient enough to break the immersion heavily, but it's enough that it's noticeably present by this much. It's weird that it is and it still detracts from the experience unfortunately. That said, the plot is still interesting with how everything links together and the main character and his interactions with others are also interesting; it all comes together at a 6.5/10 rounded to a 7.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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