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                                             -✭ˋˏ༒ [HI EVERYONE! WELCOME TO MY PROFILE!] ༒ˎˊ✭-


                                                   Are you new to anime?! If yes.. Here's a quick intro!! 


                                 Here's my favourite OP for you to listen while you read my bio! Enjoy!! ^_^.. 


 My  i watched many more anime and i fell in love with it. 

My favourite genre's are:Fantasy, Superpower, Romance, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Isekai, ecchi, and school.. 


                                                                   My top favourite animes out there are:


                                                            My top favourite mangas out there are:


                                                               And as for my favourite character's are:





                                                                But my ultimate waifu is Shinoa Hiiragi



I know there are underage female character's in waifu category, it's because i didnt wanted too make a separate category for them, so i put them in the waifu category, but they are just my favourite female character's not waifu...

And the favourite anime category, manga category, and character category are not in order if you want to know my favourite list of those:

Here's all my top favourite                   Here's all my top favourite                   Here's all my top favourite 

            anime in order                                        manga in order                        character in order:female/male



1st- Dragonar Academy

50th- Grimoire of Zero

100th- Sankarea: Undying Love

150th- Armed Girl's Machiavellism

200th- Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World


1st- Berserk of Gluttony


My Ratings:

✭ 5 - It's amazing and it's one of my favourite, I really enjoyed throughout the whole anime/manga

✭ 4.5 - It's almost perfect! But i enjoyed watching/reading it

✭ 4 - It was a very good anime/manga, i liked it

✭ 3.5 - It was a good anime/manga

✭ 3 - It's average

✭ 2.5 - It's fair enough but i won't watch/read it

✭ 2 - It's kinda good, but not that interesting

✭ 1.5 - The anime/manga is bad/boring, i could be better

✭ 1 - Terrible/Awful

✭ 0.5 - WTH! Did i just watch/read?! 



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B0nitoflakes Dec 17, 2021

Hi! I loved your profile the way you decorated it, Also I also really like seraph of the End it's one of my fav anime's.

himoutotaku Jan 7, 2021

HIYA~~ Thanks for the follow hehe (i made sure to follow back!!)

I saw ur bio and saw all ur husbandos and I'd have to agree with most of them. SERIOUSLY THOSE GUYS ARE SO COOL ≧◡≦

And i'm currently watching No game no life rn and the opening as already become a favorite hehe

lastly, is Angels of Death worth the watch? i've been holding it off for a while (◠﹏◠✿)

animeslover Jan 7, 2021

Well i haven't watched shironeko project.. But i can watch it when I'll have a free time and tell you then *:・゚✧

However I can't promise that I will be able to watch it anywhere soon  (╥_╥) :・。゜

animeslover Jan 7, 2021

Thanks for the follow✨

following you back! 🍰

And feel free to message me anytime ~

Have a good day/evening! 

Grizz Jan 4, 2021

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