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Deadman Wonderland

Jul 5, 2011

I can't possibly know why this anime is so overrated. The plot is almost inexistent with the inumerous flaws and senseless things that happens.

If you don't care about story and only want to see gore, this anime is for you!

0.1/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
1/10 overall

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loin323 Jun 11, 2020

i couldn't agree with you more my friend, nothing is ever explained, the characters seem to be able to recover from debilatating injuries in seconds and there are major plot holes that were NEVER filled, the MC was annoying and naive to the point of being a moron. 

Shanalogic Oct 27, 2013

Please give reasons why. Not that I don't agree, though. Very gory anime!

jypsel Jun 21, 2012

I love how people think it's okay to come onto someone's review space and tell them their opinion is invalid and what they wrote isn't a review.  It's his opinion and there is no set standard for what a REGULAR CIVILIAN can and cannot write in that review.

That being said, I do recommend you check out the manga if you want.  I read it after I watched DW.  I agree with Mojk because the anime really cannot compare to the manga at all.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and helping add content to A-P!

HeyThar77 Dec 23, 2011

man thats bullcrap, i don't know who ur sources are but the anime is downright gorey and awesome, i fell in love with it instantly and felt sad for the main character, and i wish for a second season so badly. and the ending i wish was alil more special but it makes me want to keep watching for the second season.

Mojk Dec 1, 2011

Perhaps because of the manga. I give the manga a 10/10. I haven´t watched the anime, though, but from what I've heard, the anime is crap compared to the manga.