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Kiss Him, Not Me

Aug 3, 2018

You ever want to pull the covers over your head, cry, and it make everything better? After locking yourself in your room for a week, you magically lose all extra fat, your skin becomes flawless, and your hair gains a full body bounce. All the guys who where picking on you last week now all are drooling over you and because your "beautiful" everyone who was picking on you now will sit there and listen to you talk about anime for hours just so they can look at you? Than this is the anime for you, it's pandering trash at it's finest and as long as you understand that and are looking for something in that vein than your in for a real treat.

-First you need to stop pertending this is a real show, there is no plot or actual characters or good animation, or any direction, there is nothing, stuff happens and than it is over. Brain's Base barily put any effort into Kiss Him, Not Me so throw any idea of quality out the window because they did.

-After that is out of the way, it is time to play GUESS... THAT... HERO!!!!! yes you at home can win fabulous prizes by guessing your favorite My Hero Academia character. Basically every character in the dub is voiced by someone off My Hero Academia and it is just great hearing the cast of MHA be as shallow as you can think, the voices are all very noticable and none of them really try to change it up at all. It might be kinda hard to point out some of the class 1-B voices from MHA but the class 1-A voices should be pretty obvious for most MHA fans.

-Finally you have to summon out your inner anime trash panda and accept that on some level you love what Kae is doing to these jerks. She's just stringing along all of her ex-bullies forcing them to listen to how they will never take the place of her anime crushs. 

Check it out if your into dumb blah harem shows, as long as you follow these simple steps you'll have a pretty fun time with what otherwise is a completely forgetable lazy boring show about nothing.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Woody4Lightyear Aug 23, 2022


No wonder I dropped this shitshow, even watching 1 episode was worse than melting the fuck away in Hell