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Realistic Modern setting Military Anime (WIP)

"realistic" military animes; meaning as realistic as anime gets anyways.
1 Future War Year 198X

Future War Year 198X

The only fully expanded, cinematic cold war gone hot scenario production EVER made.

Unrealistic: the SDI system, inaccurately drawn T72 MBTs and succumbs to some 80 action movie antics.

Anime Realism Level: 10/5 OFF THE CHARTS

2 Area 88

Area 88

References to real life wars, setting similar to Iran-Iraq war of the 80s, realistic military equipment.

Unrealistic: Organisation of foreign legion and the exaggerated feats of battle the dogfighters are able to pull off.

Anime Realism level: 5/5

3 Area 88 TV

Area 88 TV

Real life military equipment, no sci fi elements.

Unrealistic: Organisation of foreign legion and planes capable of extreme feats.

Anime Realism Level: 5/5

4 The Cockpit

The Cockpit

One of the few WW2 anime that depicts the actual war itself. Mostly aviation and in lovely detail.

Unrealistic: Its not exactly an animated chronicle of history and it glorifies Imperial Japan with a rather narrow viewset on the war. Understandable given that this is ultimately meant for Japanese audiences.

Anime Realism Level: 4/5

5 Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

It may be a fantasy/ alternate history anime but the attention to detail is so great it feels more real than most other animes.

Unrealistic: Its set in a completely different universe, apart from that, technology seems roughly Cold war era.

Anime realism level: 4/5

6 Memories


Obstentially a sci fi anthology, the second short has some of the most extensive depictions of 90s era JSDF in any anime.

Unrealistic: As amazingly animated everything is in 'Stink bomb' it is still a sci fi story featuring fantastic biological weapons.

Anime realism level: 4/5

7 Nana Toshi Monogatari: Hokkyokukai Sensen

Nana Toshi Monogatari: Hokkyokukai Sensen

Despite the ridiculous premise, this anime features post apocalyptic nation states warring each other with battlecruisers and 88 flaks!

Unrealistic: Schizophrenic (but real life) military equipment due to the post apoc setting, ridiculous premise about lost moon colonies and a rogue planetary defence network.

Anime realism level: 3/5

8 Master Keaton

Master Keaton

The Master Keaton anime revolves around modern history so naturally, it gets things quite right when it mentions wars. Unfortunately, this is a detective anime; was worth a mention if anything.

Unrealistic: Dramatised stories written into completely accurate historically settings. Doesn't actually depict much war.

Anime realism level: 5/5

9 Black Jack OVA

Black Jack OVA

Often set in various fictional conflicts with analogues to the Invasion of Panama, North Korea or the Yugoslav wars, this is in the end, still about Blacku Jacku!

Unrealistic: Not a war anime per se, and equipment is drawn with pseudo likeness to real life counterparts. Most of the action that happens is straight out of a Bond movie!

Anime realism level: 3/5

10 801 T.T.S. Airbats

801 T.T.S. Airbats

Would have been a military anime if this wasn't a JSDAF promo of a slice of life airforce anime instead!

Unrealistic: Its a slice of life; ironically, it has a contemporary 90s setting devoid of any sci fi!

Anime realism level: 4/5 

11 Silent Service

Silent Service

A Japanese hunt for Red October type anime. Havent seen yet

12 Idol Defense Force Hummingbird

Idol Defense Force Hummingbird

A pioneering but rather dumb idol X airforce anime. No its not really a war anime.

Unrealistic: Futurised planes that just look corny by todays standards (think one of those old school space shooters), its pretty much a idol slice of life anime to boot.

Anime realism level: 2/5

13 Konpeki no Kantai

Konpeki no Kantai

An alternate WW2 pesudo historical war anime. Will be hard to watch for English speakers as this hasnt been translated yet.

14 Gasaraki


Has mechas but is otherwise set alongside contemporary tech. Has yet to watch.

15 Spriggan


Is about real robot type mechas but technology is generally contemporary. Has yet to watch.

16 Flag


Has mechas but is otherwise grounded in a very contemporary setting. The MC is a war journalist to boot. Has yet to watch.

17 Jormungand


Many characters have military backgrounds, has yet to watch

18 Zipang


Final countdown style time travel anime with high attention to detail. Has yet to watch.

19 The Princess and the Pilot

The Princess and the Pilot

Fantasy military anime. has yet to watch

20 The Sky Crawlers

The Sky Crawlers

Fantasy military anime. has yet to watch

21 Last Exile

Last Exile

Fantasy military anime. has yet to watch

22 Girls und Panzer

Girls und Panzer

Its cute girls fighting in WW2 tanks. Not realistic at all but this is the best we have so far.

23 Yomigaeru Sora -Rescue Wings-

Yomigaeru Sora -Rescue Wings-

Slice of life with military backgrounds?

24 Yukikaze


Seems pretty damn legit

25 First Squad: The Moment Of Truth

First Squad: The Moment Of Truth

Regrettably, this piece of shit is the most obvious Eastern front anime there is.

26 Strike Witches OVA

Strike Witches OVA

This is stupid but so are most WW2 fantasy animes out there

27 Saga of Tanya the Evil - War Report

Saga of Tanya the Evil - War Report

Its got magic; but is also a pretty legit look at how WW1 would be like with magic

28 Soriton no Akuma

Soriton no Akuma

Will have to watch this to verify if it belongs on the list

29 Higan


Very short and surprisingly obscure. Has a Patlabor vibe that easily qualifies it on the list despite the mechas.


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