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I'm for the most part, an anime only oldtaku. While I may prefer older shows, I appreciate most anime out there, regardless of age or genre*

Sadly, I haven't been watching anime as much as I'd like to. Technically, I am still quite new to it.

As subjective as my ratings on https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Voivodian?status=2 are, I've decided to do something different here and rate PURELY on enjoyment.

10: shows here are close to perfect imo

9: objective quality still affects my enjoyment positively so these shows must thrill me on both levels

8: this is the highest score I can give an anime for enjoyment alone

7: thrilled me for a good portion of the anime

6: had amazing moments but overall mediocre

5: shows with this rating bored me at some points

4: shows had alot of boring moments

3: I dislike shows with this rating

2: I hate parts of any anime with this rating

1: this anime deeply offended me on a personal level

*But I don't like highschool animes, CG anime, visual novel fantasy adaptations and harems much. I generally avoid hentai too.

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smeg Oct 22, 2021

a real shame about the rarity. there's so many good ideas that fall flat due to a lack of attention to detail. was going to bring up Jin-Roh (what with the paramilitary death squads armed with MG42s) but noticed you'd already watched it. 

still, and i probably haven't watched nearly enough of this kind of stuff since i get a minor aneurysm when i see a hollywood movie with "highly trained security/military/whatever" advance with bouncing, loud steps indoors, guns flailing about like they're on a cross-country pack run and showing even less instinct for self-preservation than a KKK member yelling epithets in Inglewood.

Where's my stacks? Where's my force multipliers? Where are the mag drills and misfires and doubletaps? Why don't they slice the pie?

Honestly, I could go on for way too long about this, so I'll stop writing brain puke  after presenting you with a nice little speck of gold...

Jin-Roh (in my very limited militsry experience) does come very close to depicting the mundaneity of (para)military life, with the jogs and the cigs and the CQC training area snd...

Summa summarum; it's usually the little things that make something go from interesting to excellent, and it pains me to see that (midwsy though the vi v

Ismeretlenember Apr 17, 2017

Happy Easter!🐰

Ismeretlenember Mar 26, 2017


Welcome to the Anime-Planet;)