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I imagine the executive meeting that inspired this dull, jabbering insult to my intelligence went a bit like this.

Director: I’ve been thinking lately we should do something deep and relevant about today’s global financial situation. It’s been all over the news and I think the kids would appreciate someone really bringing it down to their level.

Exec: Uhh, really? But finance is like so BOOOOOORING.

Director: Well, of course we could spice it up a little, you know, give it a representational hook or gimmick. I have one or two ideas that I think would really -

Exec: Oh oh oh! I’ve got it, I’ve got it! MASCOT BATTLES!

Director: What?

Exec: Write this down! It’s not often I get such inspirational flashes. I can see it now - economic conflicts figuratively enacted through pet monsters! ‘Cause everyone likes Pokemon, right??

The result, ladies and gentlemen, is this show, the worst possible marriage of everything that shouldn’t exist in anime. Dry, abstract exposition about money combined with utterly mindless battles between metaphorical creatures that have no real-life relevance. Burrow deep enough and C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control appears to contain a human tale about taking huge financial risks for the sake of loved ones. That this is mere veneer becomes clear the moment we ask why the characters don’t just work overtime, get a second job, or aim for promotion, considering any of these require less effort for more guarantee. The financial battles are vehicles for an impending apocalypse caused by some… thing that gets no explanation. All we know is, at some point, a digitised whatsit begins to sweep through Japan and the hero has to do stuff in the ether to make it go away.

Not that the fights are any good either. Occurring without reason or logic, they generate about as much friction as a limp dick. Just as one combatant summons giant balls of fire, the opponent blocks with an inexplicable beam of sparkling blackness, all the while an electronic voice yells nonsensical financial jargon not even the Wall Street folk would enjoy piecing together (how to counter sensibly when your enemy has just thrown a hail of MACROFLATION!!?). There are no recognisable dimensions to the battles, no identifiable limitations that tell me ‘this person is highly skilled compared to that person’. Thus we must take for granted that Souichiro Mikuni, the cool, mysterious rich guy, is unbeatable because everyone says so; when he fights, I can’t actually tell.


I’d like to put a message out there for the kids growing up on a diet of C-like atrocities: animated backgrounds full of feeling, atmosphere, and texture do exist. For evidence, look to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica or Eden of the East. The polygonal edifices we get in C bring to mind the artistic sensibilities of a McDonalds restaurant - cold, garish, and above all cheap. Effects happen, shapes and colours and patterns zoom past but none of it serves any discernible purpose except to distract us for another five seconds.


In moments when the plot wholly eluded me, the score managed to restore some of the potency of the situation. Unfortunately, sandwiched between unmemorable opening and closing themes, and voiced over by a crap script, the courageous cinematic soundtrack gets entirely lost.


If there’s anything anime needs more of, it’s teenage boys trying to get stronger. I’m being sarcastic, of course. What anime needs more of are characters I can tell apart from all the others. C’s cast melts into a giant pot of tokenism and archetype that effectively abandons the audience to apathy. I’m surprised, for instance, that the bland, pineapple-haired protagonist (had to look up his name, Kimimaro Yoga) was thought qualified to be one when his only notable features are being nice and harbouring angst about his long-lost father. The only vivid performance belongs to Masakaki, the guide of the alternate dimension in which the battles take place; he is a nod to Willy Wonka that strips away all the child-friendly veneer and replaces it with a chilling pitilessness.


Colour me spoiled if you will, but I like to spend my time watching things that I understand. I like characters for which I feel empathy doing things I could imagine myself doing if I were in their situation. Most of the financial jargon the target audience will struggle to relate to and anyone who does will snooze simply at the banal abstractedness of it. Instead of a poignant metaphor on the dangers of economic risk-taking, we get a discombobulated mess that farts a host of vague concepts. The only emotion this show inspires in the process is boredom.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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bu773rfly Dec 31, 2014

I thought about giving your review a chance but your choice of avatar is a boring Anime about nothing but talk and hype. Good job with the comments though. lulz.

deideiblueeyez Jun 7, 2014

" That this is mere veneer becomes clear the moment we ask why the characters don’t just work overtime, get a second job, or aim for promotion, considering any of these require less effort for more guarantee."

The main character DID have a second job: He had two jobs and was a full-time student. In shitty economic times I'm sure everyone who has the ability to and does not have a prosperous career has a second job. How can a professor at college get a promotion? Shooting for seniority and hanging on for as long as possible is really the only way. Work overtime? That's all Japanese businessmen and the Japanese in general do. So much so that they sleep on the job or frazzle themselves out until they're almost literally dead on their feet. So this way of earning money--through Midas--seems like a gift sent from heaven for the working and middle class denizens of Japan.

Personally, I think this anime is alright. I quite like the idea of how they're highlighting how useless and simultaneously indispensible something like money is to the world in the grand scheme of things and how much power you wield with it and what you can do with it really depends on whether or not you're a selfish bastard or a quasi-philanthropist trying to make your loved ones happy. This anime deserves more credit than you're giving it, I think.

Sunvic Dec 5, 2013

Agreed completely with the review and comment below, although would give the animation a higher rating.

It's staggering how many people are against the review and advocate how intellectually well written this anime is.

Horrible progression of the characters and the plot. I suppose what makes me so irritated is that there is (was) potential here.

EienNoAme Oct 6, 2013

I love your review. I can't agree with it more. After 11 episodes, I still can't understand what they are trying to say through this anime. There is no real message at all when they make it seem like there is.

All we’ve got is some people suddenly dragged into a game and fought with each other to gain money. There are people who fight for money, people who try to balance the world by winning small sum and a guy who promotes settling the fight in peace with his money. Then because of whatever the reason, some phenomenon C or whatnot sweeps from country to country bringing their financial position down and destroys the whole country. And then through some battles supported by vague ideals, Japan reached a vague present where everyone uses the dollar. 

Really! What are they trying to say? There are just too many unsettling problems with this anime. Tatoe wa:

_ OK, there's a guy who tries to settle things in peace by paying half the amount of the asset of his opponent to the district's bank (sorry, forgot his name). But just where did he get his money from if he doesn't fight? If he got so much money through fighting even though not of his own will, then his ideal is not holding much ground.

_ Just as VivisQueen said, there is no standard to determine how strong a player is. Take the main character for example. He doesn't have to train or anything, just shouting the technique and the beam will do the rest. Like the battle with that Peace Guy, he was obviously losing. I can't see how just by shouting Mezzoflation (not even Macro) can he win an opponent so much more powerful with a much larger asset than him.

_ If a guy can be called strong because he is lucky enough to land a strong asset and all he has to do is shouting the technique then what's the point bringing fighting into the plot when it's not helping at all. They can express the plot in some other ways, mind games or something would make more sense. If they are not capable of that, why bother making this kind of complicated anime at all?

_ From Mikuni and the Peace Guy's ideals, we reach a somewhat beautiful conclusion that the present is important but if you only focus on the present, you lose the future. It sounds nice and all, but that's what everyone already knows. The thing I can't possibly understand is that how Mikuni's way of fighting and cleaning up after the mess of the other guys can rob off the future's possibilities and bring about a bad future. That is the one point the anime brought up and never explains. And thus Mikuni became the villain.

_ We know that a country is destroyed when its district's bank account drops to 0. But how did that happen? And to begin with, where did the bank get its funds from and where does it go? As usual, no one ever explains it.

_ Changes in the future makes people disappear, I can accept that. But why do they also, like, suck the energy from people and make them all depressing and lifeless like in the last stage of cancer?

_ At the end, a guy that seems to be the God flashes by and spouts some philosophical things that makes it looks like all he's done is for the good of everybody. But if we get to the root of all the problems from ep 1 till 11, isn't that God the cause of all the misery? He dragged people into that meaningless game for no reason at all, just for fun it seems.

This anime tosses us into bizarre fights with no explanation of how it works, along with a bunch of vague, philosophical babbles. Even I can write a script if I can just pass with throwing out some abstract concepts to the points I can't think of how to explain.

People who said this review is biased or something, are you confident that you fully understand this show and able to answer the problems I stated above? Get real! You are just conveniently ignoring the things you don’t understand and force yourself to empathy with this anime.

MNtX Aug 24, 2013

Dont be offended ( and this could count only as as opinion), but c'mon- that review is so bland and narrow, that it doesn't even scratch the surface of the concepts given and the anime itself.