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MeiSieuIsStarlord Jul 29, 2020

Hi, there, VivisQueen.

I just came from your Grave of the Fireflies review. It's refreshing to find someone who really puts time and eloquence into analysis like you did.

(Also, I saw that you like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, so I thought I would give you a follow).

If you ever fancy an in-depth discussion on anime, analysis, or other, comment on my profile anytime.



Halex Jul 9, 2019

Hi VivisQueen,

I'm really glad you're back and writing reviews again, I really missed your reviews, you have quite a talent for words and putting things into perspective!

phoenixx Apr 1, 2018

@Vraex , maybe she turned into  Eva Heinemann by now ... ^^

Vraex Mar 29, 2018

You've been my favorite reviewer (by far) since I first joined this site in 2010. Hope you come back some day

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Conquest Feb 13, 2018

I hope you come back for the new season of major! Your reviews and forum posts got me started on major and monster. You seemed to have a talent for finding gems back then.