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Naruto Shippuden

Sep 28, 2013

Recommended for:

If you can oversee stupid dialoge, if you like shounen

Not recommended for:

A lot of people

The good:

Good characters, good soundtrack, 

The Bad: (This does not apply to the first 75 episodes, I remember them being good. I also have a bad memory xP)

1-With each episode your idea of these "Good characters" is butchered

2-Bad soundtrack directing (The use of no soundtrack or 'fearsome music' in an exciting fight or something like this)

3-Endless flashblacks makes you feel amnesia patients are watching the show

4-weakening or strengthening characters when convenient to the writer

5-Ending fights in an anti climactic way

6-very slow pacing


8-when Naruto says the word 'friendship' its like he magically snaps the villian out of his evil coma

9-Horrible "twists"

10-Bad physics and movement (for example: Characters can dash from point A to B in 1 second but in a fight its like they are a 100 times slower)

11-Unrealistic emotions (forgiving someone for a silly reason or attempting to help a seriel killer)

12-Quality of artwork decreases in fillers and battles

13-Overuse of characters (for example Naruto's Dattebayo or Kakashi arriving at the perfrect time and acting calm)

14-Naruto is one of the most annoying characters ever made

15-loads of talking and explanation of crystal clear events

16- You can easily tell the failed attempts to attack in fights

17-Horrible world (Adding and removal of tech when needed and so on)

18-Epidemic Orphans

19-Characters are easily amazed by anything

20-common sense doesn't apply

21-They can't mention a character without bringing him back anyways possible (Filler, Zombie, alive, plot twist) no character will rest in peace.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
3.5/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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acoolbee Mar 13, 2021

You didn't even watch the whole anime and it's a fucking anime not real life

Samcino Nov 23, 2020

I understand some of your points but its just an anime. Some things are never going to look like IRL and act like real. That´s the point of anime.

Dino235 Oct 22, 2020

GOOD JOBBB but naruto shippuden does not even deserve a 3 they fucking butchered naruto 

svent May 10, 2017

I agree. It really went downhill with those fillers, lazy animation, and lazy story telling. I was pretty mad when they started animating Rock Lee using chakura, having characters use ninjitsu moves that haven't been invented yet in flashbacks (looking at you sage of six paths and your chidori), and the plot twists of characters being other characters being other characters being other characters (Tobi) and having their personality change constantly with each new character reviel.

JuliTheNoob Apr 11, 2017

I agree with almost everything but I still love Naruto xd