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CptMysticStirling Jul 2, 2020

Watching NHK rn and it is so darn beautiful! So invested at how it all ends! Love shows that create, but also cure Mystic's depression xD And the freaking music! OP, ED, even BGM are already so memorable! Already rating it 4.5. It all depends on how it goes and concludes to bump up the rating, but it is definitely up there with the most introspective shows like Oregairu, Bunny Senpai, again, Death Parade, Akame ga Kill and more! Your recommendation was like destiny! Love satirical shows that it reminds Mystic a bit of Rick and Morty!

Ohh and, if you like introspection, Mystic has recently made a post about the show about a specific quote. If you would like to give your own opinion, please contribute here! It is all about a specific NHK quote! Hope to see more quotes from this show! Thank you again! 

Also, is there anything Mystic can help recommend? Are there any specific shows or even manga themes that you are looking for rn? Mystic has read School Live! a month or so ago. You will see some of the quotes from the link above ^ mixed in there. It might make you interested in reading it. It has a unique way of portraying mental illness and when such illness can sometimes be more beneficial than it does harm :o

Your truly,
Cpt Mystic Stirling ;P

CptMysticStirling Jun 30, 2020

Wow, just by looking at the summary and tags... Just wow. Plus, it is satire and dark comedy. Those alone already make it promising. Have you also read the manga or LN by any chance? And out of curiosity, does a character with Ami's personality also exist there?

Anyways, Mystic has been playing a Sengoku period based strategy game or Total War: Shogun inspired game on the phone and Mystic is feeling nostalgic so going to rewatch Oda Nobuna no Yabou before heading over to watch NHK. Will give you feedback in maybe a week or so? Mystic is infamous for replying late like just now ;P 

CptMysticStirling Jun 23, 2020

Great writeup of Ami Kawashima <3 Respect! Rewatching Toradora ATM. It is great they did not lengthen Ami's bitchy side any further. Now just hoping for Taiga to stop being abusive sigh... Just a few more episodes, the beatings will stop. 

BTW, got any favorites you would like to reccomend? Mystic's favorite is Death Parade. Want more intropective shows about life. Comedy also works ;P

Retards101 Aug 27, 2016

That is complete utter bullshit. "every normal man would do this." Jesus christ. What kind of depraved world do you live in where doing that is "normal"? damn. I must be living on Mars.

SixShooter Oct 7, 2014

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on rating external factors, but reviews are opinions so I'll give you that. Plenty of people give every show they like 10/10 as well and you aren't over the top with your criticisms. That being said, I think the characters weren't good, but they were definitely not a 1. That is even with the stuff you pointed out. In my opinion, in order to get a 1 they would have to rapidly deteriorate (think 11eyes). They don't change, but they don't really deteriorate much either. I think AoT is slightly above average, maybe a 5.5 or a 6. It has short-comings, but it is also relatively unique which, again in my opinion, should deserve some points. Just something for you to think about anyway. My other points will have to be made when I post my review (which will be soon).