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Gozza Jan 26, 2020

No problem at all! And thank you for your follow of course :)

AtuaDamnedIdiot Jan 26, 2020

I love Zombieland Saga so much, hoping season 2 of it comes out this year. Sakura will have to be my favourite, I love her character.

I normally don't like reading manga, but I've found a lot that I enjoy. The Attack of Titan is worth a read so I'd give it a try, but it is quite long. Yeah, she got stuck in that crystal thing for so long that I kinda just forgot about her lmao.

TheBigSecret Jan 26, 2020

I haven't seen or read Beastars but I've heard tons of good things about it. I don't mind CG anime, I loved Houseki no Kuni and thought the CG worked well. But I think that the majority of anime fans are against it because there are so many bad examples of it. That's why I'm surprised Beastars was so popular. I might come around to it someday if I have the time. I like KnY as an anime. It's biggest selling point to me was the animation, it was so vibrant and fluid! It's not my favorite story ever and I don't love all of the characters, but it was fun to watch, so I'm glad to hear that the next season should still be good. It's a shame about Vinland Saga, though. I'll still watch it if there's another season, but at least I know what to expect.

I don't read a lot of manga, mainly because I don't have the time or I like focusing on other hobbies. That's why I usually stick to watching anime, even though I constantly hear people saying that the manga was better.

Akkun Jan 26, 2020

Nice, I hope that they'll make part 6 and 7 soon into anime, so I can watch it xD

CrimsonCondor Jan 26, 2020

Agreed about Slime and Shield Hero! Yeah, there were a few too many light-hearted episodes in Magi. Kouha is a boy XD Kougyoku annoyed me at first, but she slayed in the second arc, so now I like her. She and Alibaba are the cutest friends XD Aladdin literally sexually assaulted three characters yet the fanbase and most of the cast don't even care. He's such a dumb character. At least his backstory is unique and interesting. Ja'far is average in the anime, but in the manga, he's complex. Yamraiha is cool, I thought she was pointless until the very end. Morgiana is a savage with such an original story, and her fighting style is excellently animated and designed. Alibaba does seem cliche at first, but he grew on me a ton in S2. He's not overpowered at all in S2, and he's so iconic for a shounen MC. Cassim is my beautiful king though ♥

I listened to the Madoka Gaiden opening, and I have mixed feelings about it. The theme copies the original too much, but the art is better, and there were a few parts that were creative. Who is your favorite character so far? I have no idea who my favorite will be, they all look so interesting. 

Yes, Lost Girls is one of my favorite OVAs ever! It explains a lot of things about Annie and Mikasa. It's the reason the two have grown on me so much, especially the latter. And yeah, Akise is a purposeless copy of Kaworu Nagisa. I just liked the LGBTQ+ representation and how he totally pissed off Yuno haha. I still dislike him though.