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Well ahem as you see above you that i am a male who's 14 so yeah..... I am somewhere in this blue planet, feeling lonely lol jk!!! I speak english and arabic and currently learning japanese and french. Oh and about my name, the names mahdi but feel free to call me anything xd some people call me mahodi lol! Well nice to meetcha!!!


                                                                         HOW I GOT INTO ANIME

Well let's get this straight with i dont remember T_T!!! But i do know that my first was Naruto xd and i was amazed by that one although that i watched 10 episodes of it lol!!! I suddenly realized that naruto was called an anime and i didn't know what was the term anime. So due to my curiousity, i did a little search of the term anime and i found out that anime was made in japan and some in america. I was fascinated by what i saw and typed "anime reccomendation for begginers" and i started watching. So safe to say my first anime was Baccano! lol nice little story eh? Ahem btw i will get back to Naruto but not right now xd!!


                                                                                 Genres of Anime

Ahem regarding that lol i watch action all the time but i told myself that "let's give other genres of anime a chance" so i moved to comedy since i love to laugh all the time xd and i watched Arakawa Under The Bridge xd that made me smile all the way throught, really strange/funny characters lol. But all that said i only watched action animes but planning to explore other genres!! So if you got any action anime to recommend please tell me so, not only action, any other anime will be fine since i am open to any kind of genres!! But let me tell you a thing, any anime that involves killing each other to survive gets a gold star from me lol!!


                                                                               Favorite Kinds Of Anime

Don't get me wrong, i am open to any kind of animes but some people have favorable things right? I got so many favorable kinds. One of them is that speaking about life, i like an anime who tells about life and its hardships. A character who goes through many pain and suffering but after all that, the anime tries to give its theme to you so that you can learn about life more, see what i mean? other kind is comedy, xd through all my life i always laugh with no reason which causes my friends to think i am crazy or silly xd. Since i was born, i always smile or laugh in ankward moments lol so in order to release this laughing energy, i tend to go to comedy animes lol so yeah!!! And last but not least romance!! Do i need to speak more xd? Cause its obvious when i say romance and i mean love!! I like to see a person who likes another person go through embarrasing, ankward situations xd this always makes me entertained!


                                                                              Fun Facts About Me

-My favorite color is light blue.

-My favorite food is mom's cooking xd.

-Started watching anime 1 month and a half ago.

-Studies in an international school. 

-Have black hair, brown/black eyes, wears glasses.

-Doesn't read Manga

 That's it for the fun facts about me xd. I am gonna add more if anything crosses my mind!!!



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Sianeka Oct 24, 2014

Your internet has been down?  Oh, I sympathize. I can't stand it when my internet is not accessible for any reason; it's such an important part of my life and connects me so much to the outside world! Good luck getting access again soon!

Sianeka Oct 1, 2014

Hello and welcome to a-p!!  Hope you enjoy your time here. ^_^ Nice job on your profile. When I read that you like both action and comedy, I immediately thought of Trigun and I see on your anime list that you've seen it and enjoyed it, So I'll throw out these titles for you to check out that aren't yet on your anime list:

Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - One of my favorite viewing experiences. They were creating the first series, FMA, while the manga was still being written so while the first part of the series is very similar to the manga, the middle and ending are quite different.  Second series, Brotherhood, was created after the manga series was completed and follows the manga storyline much more closely. However, a lot of the first part of the story was more thoroughly covered in the first series. I recommend seeing them both, in chronological order.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) - testosterone-fueled tale of life and vengeance that has a currently airing sequel with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Saiyuki - fun and adventures via four buddies on a road trip in this retelling of Journey to the West

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - this popular anime has a bit of everything: comedy, action, romance, mechas!

If you decide to watch any of these, please get back to me to let me know that you are watching and to tell me if you enjoyed or not!

HiddenNugget Sep 28, 2014

Hi there and welcome to Anime Planet! I hope you enjoy your time here ^~^ xo