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NamikoYori Mar 15, 2018

watch it and you'll see :D 

NamikoYori Mar 15, 2018

:'DDDDD Danzo, Udon seriouslyy?? 

That made my day, nii-chan :DDDD 

btw Udon grows normal guy as it shown in Boruto series :DDDDDDD

NamikoYori Mar 14, 2018

ah ja, QUIZ TIME! 

Guess who it is :'D (on my profile) 

NamikoYori Mar 14, 2018

Thank you, nii-chan :DDD

SaberHikari Feb 25, 2018

Glad to hear that! :D

Ahahahaha i think we can say both ahahahaha.

I loved Charlotte! It was one of the few animes with only 13 episodes that i don't feel that are a lot to say after the finalle! It was very well constructed.

EF is pretty good but like you said a little confusing ahahahaha. Yeah yeah i know! Thanks anyway :D Well i follow the year when they were realeased and i think the VN is the same order!

Ahahahahaha i see i see!

Yeah holidays are allways great for sure.

Oh good to hear! It is a matter of habit then! ;)