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SaberHikari Apr 5, 2018

Ahahahahaha i don't think so because i don't have many boys as friends.

Yeah i like it a lot but i have to be honest that both the twin sisters annoyed me a lot! I really loved Hiro and Nagi story in the first season, and Yuuko and Yu in the second. But liked i said i loved more the second season. And i quite understand why people drop the anime. I think if one is not in the mood for complicating things or to pay a lot of atention to every detail it can be kind of confusing (and even boring).

Oh my god i can't believe i waited so long to Watch FMAB, it was so good! Like you said i think a little more of Ed/Winry and Mustang/Hawkeye scenes could do the anime even better. Not even a kiss :(. But it was really good. Yeah I loved the Elric brothers, Winry, Mustang, Hawkeye, and Hoanheim.

Now i'm watching Ghost Hunt.

Ehehehehe thanks. Glad to ear your doing fine too, besides the all work.

SaberHikari Apr 3, 2018

Hello there! How are you?

You don't have to appolagize because i perfectly understand! And i don't that those are excuses because i know how work can take us a lot of free time!

About facebook i really don't know what jut happened. But the thing is there were two more persons who happened the same thing. I changed my password recently so i hope this weird things don't happened again. I try to search for you again but couldn't. I really don't know what happened but i'm really sorry.

About EF i watched both seasons i loved specially the second season. Yeah yeah i remember that scene! It was in the first season. But it was kind of rejoying when the boy went after her! :D

I loved the second season because i loved the relation of Yuu and Yuuko. It was so sad when she died... it was a very stupid way to make her die.

Now I'm actually finishing Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I'm loving it.

Studies are going well, and i only have exams for real in June. I have some few Mini tests but nothing to worry a lot.

How about work? 

NamikoYori Mar 15, 2018

watch it and you'll see :D 

NamikoYori Mar 15, 2018

:'DDDDD Danzo, Udon seriouslyy?? 

That made my day, nii-chan :DDDD 

btw Udon grows normal guy as it shown in Boruto series :DDDDDDD

NamikoYori Mar 14, 2018

ah ja, QUIZ TIME! 

Guess who it is :'D (on my profile)