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Fist of the North Star

Apr 28, 2012


Fist of the north star is one of my all time favourite animes it has probaly the most manliest of all anime chracters and filled with violence.Its story itself is built for violence the earth devasted by a nuclear war and now its all chaos and fight for power, can peace be truly found in this era that heralds utter chaos?Out of the sunset the savior arrives.Well the story of Fist of the north star starts out kinda lame, Kenshiro's fiance is kidnapped by Shin and Kenshiro keeps pursuing Shin for getting Yuria back.This is the first arc and pretty much not the best in fact out of the 4 arcs this 109 episode series had the first was the worst.The story was very much predictible except mabe the last episode of this arc where something happens to Yuria, wondering why i gave the story a 9?Well after Shin dies the story immieadetely becomes really interesting with the coming of one badass person Raoh and well lets just say the story really picks up.Unfortunately there are a few fillers which are mainly flashbacks.One thing that I didnt really like about the story was the fact that most of the chracters are so damm badass, they are so cool but they always die except Kenshiro.Well above all the first twenty something episodes of this anime are not that great after that it gets really epic with its plot amazingly developing.


Its this really from the 80's?Because the animation is just WOW!!!!Kenshiro just goes ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and heads just explode all the way theres just a little problem here most of the blood is shadowed and i am a fan of gore so this kinda set me back a bit but there were some really fast movements that keeps youre head spinning.There were some really cool martial arts styles apart from Kenshio's Hokto shin ken style I liked Rei's, Shuu's and Ruyga's styles the most because they just run through the enemies and just slice them apart its a shame they died too :(. It looks great but at times it can seem a bit disjointed.


I like this 80's style music most people would probaly say its quite outdated but i like it especially the opening theme you wa shock.The vioce acting was pretty well done too i dont know if there is a dub to it but the Japanese did a ery well job at thye vioces.


Well these chracters were probaly given the most emotions of all they all develop even the side chacters to develop a lot Kenshiro develops the most and gets stronger as the series progresssed on.But one thing to note though there are some instances where you will hate some of the characters when they soon come in such as Rei, Souther, Raoh and so on but eventually you might find yourself shedding tears for them because their pastes are revealed and you see some of the tragic stories that their past had I mean I really did cry at some points.Another thing to is that everyone displays the emotion towards this era that is that almost everyone are ruled by fear or it has those that conquer this anime really shows just exactely how greedy we humans can truly become the characterization was perfect in this anime.


Like I said before this is one of my favourite anime I really enjoyed this anime it was a well worth 109 episodes watch and I must say now Japanese anime now needs more manly men like those from this anime now i mean these people in Fist of the north star actually look like martial artists not some kinda skinny guy who call himself a martial artist .Well enough said this was one of the best animes I've ever seen.    

7/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Singan Jun 24, 2012

Three things I like about Hokuto no Ken:

1) it feels epic without an epic plot;

2) it looks good even 30 years after it was made;