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Thank god this was only 10 episodes, if I had to watch another episode of this filth I swear I would've lost my mind.

Half assed romance comedys like this show up all the time, they sort of attempt at being all cute and moe and it come of as fucking cringe.

So what's this cesspool about? Well a guy confesses to a girl and she accepts, she then proceeds to give the relationship her all as she is "inexperienced". I fucking kid you not and I tried to make it sound good there.

This show promplty proceeds to bombard you with a plethora of stupid and cringe sex jokes. The writing in this trash is so fucking lazy, none of the jokes have a punchline to it, all it does is use a bunch of ecchi and moe tropes hoping that would result in a sex joke........NO IT FUCKING DOESN'T!!!

If you want an example of how to do sex jokes then look at Shimoneta, that show had a bunch of crude humor, but it was funny as how over the top it was.

The animation isnt much to speak of either, all we get is a bunch of panning shots with a bunch of re-used frames as the animators made an attempt at making the girls look all "kawaii". Not to mention the god awful transition screens, all of then include some ridiculous skirt shot. Some of the backgrounds look good, I'll give it that.

Basically every female character has one personality or rather one purpose, to make a sex joke, that's it, they aint got any personlaity, no motive, nothing. The romance doesnt exist, there's more imitancy in two teddy bears humping each than the main couple.

Overall.....just don't please don't. This shit will only entertain anyone who doesn't have a brain.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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