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What the hell was studio MADHOUSE was thinking?

No seriously, can you imagine the executives at madhouse sitting at their table and be like "yeah, I like this, this seems good". You know what sucks the most? Is that this is madhouse, this is high budget wasted on this garbage story. It's popularity did sky rocket though, that's probably to do with its really good visuals.

So shortage for resources, world war 3, world discovers magic, blah blah blah, you get the drill, you've seen and heard this premise many times over it aint anything special.

So magic can only be passed down through why on earth is Miyuki is powerful and gifted and Tatsuya isnt? Hey Tsutomu Satō I'm asking you since you wrote it, do you know how genetics works? 

Second, why is there a separation between the Weeds and Blooms at the academy? There is almost zero reason for any persecution, why? Cause its already stated that magic is extremely rare and its already shown time and time again that Weeds can surpass the Blooms, even if the Blooms are more gifted.

I really want to talk about Tatsuya, cause he is one of the main reasons why I dislike this show. This guy is perfect, in every damn way. You know, if you want to make your MC overpowered that's fine, just make sure that it's done well, or at least give him a personality don't make him as bland as a cardboard box.

To say Tatsuya is overpowered is a joke, the guy has discovered ways to nullify magic without the use of antinite, which is supposedly extremely rare and of course no one else has discovered. Not only that but he's also ridiculously intelligent, being able to spot enemies from far distances, pinpointing their weaknessess, hacking, building overpowered weapons, the list goes on. Just wait till the end, you think Tatsuya is overpowered now, just wait till the war breaks out, the guy is a god not just overpowered.

If you want an overpowered MC, this is not how you do it. Give him a personality, a purpose. Give him a fault, I think one punch man and mob psycho 100 does an excellent job at this.

Not to mention every single female character gets wet for him, especially his sister cause he saved her life for some reason, cause why not? 

Not only that, but the cast of characters is so bloated that barely anyone gets screen time so no one really cares about them.

There's also all this technobabble nonsense, they spend so much time talking about how their equipment working often mixing random words together trying to sound complex but all it ends up doing is confusing whoever is watching this. If you want to explain your equipment, then show it, don't ramble on about it.

Throw all of that in and then mix it with a bunch of meaningless school drama, plus there's there's a damn tournament.......pfft hahahahah......I can't lol

If its one saving grace this show has is its animation, it looks beautiful not to mention action scenes gets your blood pumping, the music is all techno, which is fine, it isnt to bad.

Overall, you can watch this show but only for its pretty colours, just turn your brain off and enjoy it cause there sure is no redeeming qualities in its writing.

3/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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Dionkeykong May 24, 2018

If you thought this was bad you should def watch the movie mate..I promise you,you'll be vomiting blood for 3 hrs straight