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Quanzhi Gaoshou

Jun 29, 2017

China showing how its done!!

Story and Characters 

Pro player forced to retire, he starts a new account and goes on raids with new people he meets while running into pros as well, that's about it for the story, it doesn't do much other than that.

The premise is a bit intresting it just doesn't do much with it, you get the feeling that he is building a new team so he can go back to the pro league, and of course dealing with the occasional scumbag that gets in his way.

The show itself intends not being focused on the story as what it does is mostly sets up fight scenes ,which works in its favour cause the fights are really good.

The characters themselves are better, all of them are likeable (except for a few scumbags) especially the main character and there isn't anything special about him, he's just a nice guy and that's all really. Most of the characters are quite funny and I think that's why I liked them so much, the comedy in this show is really good.

Animation and Sound

This is movie level of production. Heavy amounts of CG is used but it really doesn't get in your face backgrounds, characters and colour design are all superbly well done. The fight scenes get your blood pumping and the soundtracks are so good. The production is so excellent here, even the chinese voice acting is really good.


  • Meidocre story
  • God tier sound and animation
  • Very funny moments
  • Characters are simple yet likeable

Season 2 for 2018 is also confirmed!! Hype!!

5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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