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jypsel Jun 25, 2019

I am ALWAYS up for pictures of Japan.   

I spoke with my roommate/best friend and she's okay with watching  my stupid-ass cat for a few years while I go abroad.  I'm actually looking at Korea, just because the pay is so much better unless you go with the JET programme, which I can't guarantee that I'd get into. 

XxZeroeZxX Jun 15, 2019

Who knew u were still around, such a shock to me :O

But I certainly don’t forget a pretty face *hug* ^_^

So what r u up to these days? :)

jypsel Jun 15, 2019

Great to hear from you! :) And no problem about the late reply!  

Ah, do you have any pictures from Japan?  I think that if I teach abroad again then my next destination is going to be Japan.  I've always wanted to teach there, but I have a neurotic cat that I'm a little afraid to leave behind, haha.  

There ARE a ton of churches in Rome, you're not wrong.  I guess because it's such a heavily Catholic territory? I mean, the Vatican is right next door so that might explain it?

I have always loved Romania because I was fascinated by the Roma people when I was very young.  Actually, my good friend's mom is currently living in Bulgaria.  She went with her husband on a work away and they fell in love and just bought some property there.  I hope one day I can be so free! Haha.

And yes!  It is behind me but...I didn't renew my teaching contract, LOL!  All that stress for nothing!  I'm not saying I'll never teach K-12 again but right now I really just want to finish my MA and work part-time while doing it.  Working full-time and doing a comp exam is just suicide and I'd like to live relatively peacefully, LOL. 

jypsel May 5, 2019

Oh, how was Japan!?  That's one of my top 5 places to go, along with India, Romania, Nepal & Morocco. :)

Belize in the summer is a HUGE nope from me, LOL!  I'll go next Spring Break, hopefully.  I try to do my southern and hotter trips during winter and spring break and my northern trips during summer, haha.  How did you like Rome?  I thought it was super interesting and would definitely like to visit more Italian cities as well! 

I PASSED THE STUPID MATH EXAM!  So thank God, THAT nonsense is over. Yikes! 

jypsel Mar 31, 2019

Oh, how goes the job hunt?  Environmental management?  How cool!

Life has been good on my end.  I am taking the math section of the teacher exam for the third time this week, which is stressful.  Why an English teacher needs to know math is beyond me, but Florida is rather ridiculous about this kind of thing.   Wish me luck!  

Next year, I was offered a Women's Lit elective course, which would just be amazing to teach.  Other than that, still loving my kids.  I'll be moving up to 9th next year and, I think, 11th.  I also hope to re-start my MA program soon once I finish these teaching exams.  

I've also still be traveling.  I went to El Salvador and the Dominican Republic this year thus far.  I was supposed to go to Belize two weeks ago, but...I unluckily caught the flu!  It was dreadful!  Haha.  It's okay, I have some great trips planned for summer to make up for it.

How've you been? :)