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Haliax Jan 6, 2016

HI VampGirl, I just finished Blood Lad ^^ it was a fun anime to watch. I am glad it was on your list ^^ I will be starting with the second season from Date a Live soon!

Sianeka Jan 5, 2016

VampGirl says...  Yea perhaps I got a little too exited and added to many animes to the list :3 I picked animes where most of them are unique and not a lot of people have seen them, but I think each anime is amazing in its own way. :)   I hope people will enjoy them as much as I have, but its okay if they only watch some of them and enjoy them, I just wish to share some animes that I feel a lot of people miss cause theyr not as popular as one piece, fairy tail or naruto.

You did get carried away!

There are definitely unusual titles on the list, and now some of the ones I was hesitant about, I feel better, knowing that you think each is amazing in some way...  as I said, some of them seem at first glance to not be things that would interest you (or me) so I really look forward to seeing what surprises are in store.

(I think it is especially great when an anime surprises me and is better than I thought it would be.  I love Laughing Under the Clouds for that reason!  I totally expected it to be a throw-away kinda title, and I ended up really enjoying it.  All the more, because I'd expected so little from it going in!)

PS Ithink it's great that you are trying to inspire folks to watch more little-known anime!

Dirtnap Jan 5, 2016

To answer the question you left on my page my top 10 anime that I have seen thus far woild be (in no particular order) 

Death Note

Steins; Gate

Psycho Pass

Kill La Kill

Elfen Lied

Chaos Head

Angel Beats

High School DxD

Fairy Tail

Hunter X Hunter

Please explain what you mean by you have an anime challenge. This sounds quite interesting.

norneon Jan 4, 2016

I wanna do the challenge XD

Haliax Jan 4, 2016

THANK YOU ^_^ you helped a lot