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TheAngelofDeath Dec 11, 2016

Don't your avatar's eyes get dizzy after a while spinning like that? Give the poor man a break!

Just kidding but seriously good profile, nice, colorful, and wonderful to look at. 

billdarcher Nov 6, 2016

im staarting a little late to complete the challenge but im about 18 in at this point ...wish me luck..... 2 months  and about 18 to go ....binge otaku time ..thank u for the challenge ...challenge.accepted

DoomRyder Aug 7, 2016

1º Akame Ga Kill

2º One Piece

3º Charlotte

4º Sword Art Online

5º Angel Beats

6º Black Bullet

7º Blast of Tempest

8º Your Lie in April

9º Toradora

10º No Game No Life

MariaTimeBomb Aug 1, 2016

Wow I'm really glad you put Oban Star Racers in your anime challenge! More people should watch this amazing series :D