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RamiG Jan 11, 2016

thank you and there are so many i can't decide but my favorite at the moment is seirei no moribito

Haliax Jan 9, 2016

Hey hey VampGirl I just looked the last episode from Devil May Cry and it was epic xD. I also started watching Binbougami ga! It's so funny I can't stop laughing ^^

Sianeka Jan 8, 2016

VampGirl says... just a little warning claymore is pretty bloody, kinnda like attack on titan, you might wanna wait with watching it as the last one to watch. But it has its moments where it gets deep and emotional thats why I like it hehe :)

Have seen Claymore - started watching it cause the manga was so good.  I stopped reading manga when I couldn't find next volume in my library and started the anime.  And I was soooo disappointed in the way it ended!  Then later found out the manga didn't end that way - it ws not complete when anime was being created.  So, now I need to read the manga to find out how it REALLY  is supposed to end!

For your challenge, I think I'll start Dog and Scissors or Kamisama Kiss... and work on some of the ones I have in progress.

Dirtnap Jan 8, 2016

OK awesome. I started the challenge already. Started watching accel world. also have completed a couple on the list already. Ill let you know when I complete it in a couple months

Haliax Jan 6, 2016

Hi VampGirl, I need to thank you ^^ because of you list xD. I started watching Devil May Cry and I am already sold!!