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Aerythrin Feb 14, 2016

Hello! I'd love to take part in your challenge! I'm challenging myself a lot this year and hope to complete all of them if I can o3o

FelurianOfFae Feb 5, 2016

Hmmm, I think my favorite part was his determination to save the girl. Even though he knew he wasn't at full strength, he was willing to keep fighting even if it meant him dying.

FelurianOfFae Feb 5, 2016

Finished Blood Lad the other night, had already watched Amagi Brilliant Park, Accell World, Blast of Tempest, and Claymore! 

Sianeka Feb 2, 2016

How can this possibly be?  I wasn't ALREADY following you?  I thought I was.  Well, fixing my oversight now, and Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch  - I'd love to hear from you again!

FelurianOfFae Jan 27, 2016

I've seen some of the anime on your challenge list, if I accept, do I need to rewatch them?