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SilentKiller Aug 3, 2015

You're welcome I hope you enjoy it here. and if you every want to chat or become friends I'm here. Just drop a comment on my page :)

What is your favorite anime?

Avalonte Jul 31, 2015

About GIFs. Your question wasn't noob. I also didn't know how to do it. You must use bb code [ img] [/ img] (without spacebars) and put inside www to gif. Hope I helped you ^^.

SilentKiller Jul 30, 2015


I would like to personally welcome you to A-P!  If you need any help or want someone to chat with please don't hesitate to ask.  I hope you have fun and enjoy :) 

brajt Jul 29, 2015

Yay! You've got an account now! I knew you can do it, I'm so proud of you!

Now let's add all the animu and mango you like. :)

Also, what a cute Pandy you've got there. Let me give him some bamboo. <3

Avalonte Jul 29, 2015

Hi there. Welcome to Anime Planet.

Hope you enjoy your time here :).