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yunika77 Oct 22, 2016

Thank you! :D

you can always send me another song anytime ;)

Ja-ne Valkryje-Chan <3

yunika77 Oct 21, 2016


I made one Amv with that song you send me :D

Hope that you enjoy it, Because I made that one for you :3


brajt Aug 7, 2015

Anytime you want, just query me for a private chat on irc. :-)

brajt Aug 6, 2015

Hey sis, how do you feel today? Just noticed there were actually two comments from you yesterday, there was only one when I checked my profile. Sadly there are no detailed timestamps for comments here, so I can't even check if it was written before or after our talk.

Just letting you know that while I may not be here 24/7, I still can be there on irc when you want to have a private talk about things.

Here, hug a bear. :P

SilentKiller Aug 5, 2015

I could try my best xD