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I haven't finished reading the novel yet and I'm currently around chapter 170. Yes, I know, I'm quite far behind compared to the official releases that are nearing chapter 600 or something similiar.

It is placed in a similiar if not exact RPG game setting, the main character wakes up as a minor character of a novel he was reading, the character he ends up in is someone who gets beat up by the main character in the book he was reading, 'The birth of a Hero'. He contempletes on whether he wants to get a few broken bones and remain bedridden for a few months. However, decides to change the storyline a bit, and ends up befriending the main character in the book. 
Before you groan about how it sounds like every other novel, it truly isn't. I dont want to spoil anything if you wish to read it, though, I will say he pretty much adopts a bunch of kids. (He reminds me of Kim Dokja from ORV)

These characters are so well developed, everything about them is so unique. They all seem so human and they all have such distinct pasts to them. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they're so well made that you can see them as an actual person. They all have flaws, they all have passions, talents, wishes, wants and goals. They all want to be loved and that really made an impression to me, that despite being strong they were also quite fragile, they were all crafted and molded into a character that would pierce the hearts of readers.
I've truly fallen in admiration for them, some of them have quite depressing stories, and to be quite honest with you. I've cried when hearing some and felt my heart ache. (These stories are going to be the death of me).  

Overall, this novel has got to be my top 10 from the hundreds of novels I've read throughout my life. I picked it up thinking that it was going to an edgy version of isekai mangas, and I read the reviews on WuxiaWorld, a handfull of the reviews were slightly frustrated with how it was paced, and that it was rather slow, so you can only imagine how someone like me who isn't as patience as most people reacted. 
However, I surprised myself and gave it a read, now let me tell you my surprise when I looked up at the corner of my phone and saw the time. I ended up losing track of time and read 25 chapters (No, I am not a slow reader, these chapters are quite long and worth it), it was around 5 am when I realised it, and I had to wake up around 9. Most of you will relate to the feeling of dred and pain when you realised you stayed up way more than you planned. 

I advise you to read at least the first 20 chapters, despite being a bit slow, they get the basics of the story done and helps with you in proceeding in the future chapters.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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