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the first quarter of this movie feels like it's either pandering super hardcore Steins;gate fanservice, or it's a means to sell this as a stand-alone project so that newcomers get a brief glimse into what the series was like.

i am ambivent either way, but aside from what i deem a sort of weak opening to the movie, things do progressively get as dark and surreal as you would want and expect of this franchise.

i understand that these characters tend to be stuborn, but there were times where it just felt like the drama was a bit stale, and not that it wasn't completely realistic considering the circumstances, but a lot of it was like "i'm gonna disappear" "but don't" "but i will" "but don't" "i must" "but don't" for like 10 minutes at a time.

well not verbaten obviously, i was paraphrasing. despite all this though, there's some decent humor, and for those who don't hate english dubs, it was pretty close to the quality of the series, but there were times where i felt like the actors were not up to the same level of vigor and passion.

if you're a fan of this series, you might as well watch this for some insight of the extent of what world line leaping had done, for the sake of world building, but this is also worth a watch if you want a little more in depth fleshing out of Kirisu's character.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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